Paul Byrne & The Bleeders

Paul Byrne & The Bleeders


Alt-Roots Rock, similar to Wallflowers/Tom Petty. Live performance is about letting go, putting 100% "performance" on stage and giving the audience something they will remember.


Paul Byrne is a NY based singer/songwriter who has been involved in the Hudson Valley music scene for many years. When industry professionals discuss Paul's music, he is frequently compared to artists such as Springsteen and Tom Petty, who have stood the test of time.
In the last two years he has recorded and released two albums independently. It is
not uncommon to see him opening for major acts such as Nils Lofgrin (Bruce
Springsteen & The E Street Band), Hootie & The Blowfish, The Tubes, The Pushstars (Columbia Records), or Jeffrey Gaines.
Paul has recorded with many artists, including Cellophane (Jungle Records) formerly Agit Pop. During the Cellophane sessions Paul was discovered by producer Scott Hull (Chief Engineer at Hit Factory & Masterdisk) who has worked with artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Evan Dando, Garbage and the Indigo Girls. Hull immediately offered to finance and record Paul's three song demo which was well received by other industry professionals. Last year Paul was approached by producer Rik Brescia with an aggressive offer which included a seven song spec deal.
The Philadelphia Music Conference brought Paul's songwriting to the spotlight once again by landing a sound-clip of "Mars" and review on
Paul has received many awards in musicianship and songwriting which include a top 10 position in the Yamaha International Music Contest, #1 Album of the year and #1 band of the year by Hudson Valley critics in recent history.
Paul has been a guest on most of the major radio stations in the Hudson Valley area and is on a regular rotation with WVKR, Vassar College Radio in Poughkeepsie. In addition, he has been a featured artist in several major newspapers in NY and FL.


Paul Byrne & The Bleeders
Lead/Rhythm guitar on Agit Pop/Cellophane -Jungle Records,UK
BB Wolff - Independent Release/Rock
Several "Work for hire" Guitar/Vocal releases

Set List

Typical set consists of 10-12 original songs and 2-3 covers by Dylan/Stones/Paul Simon/Wilco. Able to perform up to 4 hours. When opening for national acts, typical set is 45min. to 1.5 hrs as needed.