Paul Cataldo

Paul Cataldo


Paul Cataldo brings a backwoods Country Roots twang that any country boy or girl at heart can appreciate. If Paul Bunyon were a song writer you'd hear something like this. Heavy influence from Neil Young, Gram Parsons and of course Hank Williams.

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Mountain Town

Written By: Paul Cataldo

Mountain Town

Going back to the Mountain Town
City lifes really gotten me down
Going Back to the Mountain Town

Cabin living way up in the sky
That mountain air gets me so high
I’m never coming down from these clouds

Going back to the mountain town
Where the roads are dirt and the girls don’t frown
Going back to the Mountain Town
You don’t hail a cab you take a pickup down
I’m going back to the Mountain Town

Freight train comes a rollin’ by
Everynight about half past nine
I’ll be sitting on the front porch drinkin that homemade wine

Owl calls most every night
While I’m fishing for the cats in the firefly light
Wading in the moon on the water burning white

Crickets scream and it frees my soul
I’m gonna stay till I grow old
When I die please lay me down
In the river below

Bucket full of clams and mud to my ears
where the hell have I been all these years
I’m stayin’ now….in the Mountain Town


Home 2007 (EP)
Rivers, Roads & Mountains 2009 (LP)

Set List

Mountain Town
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What's in this Water?
Don't Bet it on the Farm
Thinkin' About Runnin
I Wish I Didn't Have a Heart
Drinkin' & Sleepin'
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