Paul Christianson

Paul Christianson


Paul Christianson may only be 21-years old, but he writes with an intellectual conviction that shadows his youthful career. With a catalog of inspiring songs and a polished live performance, he is sure to turn some heads.


Paul Christianson may only be 21-years old, but he writes with an intellectual conviction that shadows his youthful career. On his debut LP, Christianson exhibits a songwriting style that demonstrates his talent for thoughtful prose and rhythmic acoustics. Christianson has a skill for writing universal themes in a novel and thought-provoking light. "I really can’t claim any life-altering sob story as the motivation for my material," remarks Christianson. "The only factor that differentiates me from any other 21-year-old is that I happen to write music about the situations that build my life. I want to create a personal relationship with my audience and the best way to develop that rapport is to discuss the factors and feelings that affect our lives."

Inspired by troubadours such as James Taylor, Tom Petty, and Paul Simon, Christianson wrestles with the world in his personalized and sincere manner. The track "Spilling My Weakness," is a time capsule of reflection set in the thirty minutes that follow a relationship break-up while "What I’ve Already Found" is a graceful declaration of contentment that brightens the soberest of moods.

Christianson admits that his astute writing style has been significantly influenced by his sustained academic interest. "Education has always been an important facet in my life and subsequently expands the foundation from which I can draw," remarks Christianson, who incidentally was the valedictorian of his graduating high school class and who was a regular name on the Dean’s List while at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN.

Christianson spent the past year heavily touring the Upper Midwest with a four-piece band composed of very gifted, well-educated musicians with degrees from Berklee College of Music, San Francisco School of Performing Arts, and St. Olaf College. With an increased presence garnered from word-of-mouth marketing and Internet exposure, Christianson is approaching 2004 on a national scale. He has recently shared the stage with artists such as Jason Mraz, Ari Hest, Matt Wertz, Glen Phillips and Nickel Creek.


What I've Already Found

Written By: Paul Christianson

don't give yourself to me 'cause i don't want it all
i just want your heart
beating the rhythms
and filling with signals
that flag me down and show me all i want is what i've already found

you put me in your maze and let me find my way
through your thoughts i'm lost
and your world is the prize
i'll travel all night
but it's futile ground 'cause all i want is what i've already found

you and i must look in the mirror and forget the meaning of four little letters
'cause our reflection is less abstract

if we were not to be i'd lose my melody
and i'd lose my peace
and my belief
that life is sweet
it makes the sound that says all i want is what i've already found

you are my wings, let's fly into the open sky tonight
all i want is what i've already found


Written By: Paul Christianson

up the stairs i almost fall
the whole night makes no sense at all
you're confused by my disposition
and i'm afraid of the situation

i'm going to take you aside
try to clear my thoughts
but it's the green in your eyes that makes me drive

here is a little bit of information
you've got some sort of inspiration
for free take all the things you want from me
it's already better than my dreams

the question is can you feel what i do?
this isn't a game, it can't be a joke to you
you're in the corner, my soul is in your way
but you don't back out, my hand goes to your face

you don't answer with words
it's not your style
but your fingers and hands hold up my world

downstairs you put on your mask
we hide the love with every chance
let's spend the night in our own world
there's no secrets, you can see the pearl

Spilling My Weakness

Written By: Paul Christianson

i’m not leaving this chair until you call back
the screen fades my comfort that i already lack
the phone sits here, lifeless turning cold
can i gain back the essence i just sold

i’ll reach for the symbol that knows how to shape
the tool to fix the presence of my pain
i’m a poor old man in a rich man’s room
the sound of a ring has got to save me soon

now the face-off has reached the fan
the air shoots down i clasp my hands
my voice shakes with every last sound
here my thoughts have finally been found

i’m spilling my weakness everywhere

post event messages become evident
i’d forget the hurt, no matter what you sent
the weight falls off my shoulders now
rest assured, it’ll all work out

i can’t trust what lacks control
even though our past is gold
being doubtful is my curse
and everyday i must rehearse


Paul Christianson – Spilling My Weakness [EP]
Released: September 20, 2002

Paul Christianson [LP]
Released: July 20, 2003

Paul Christianson - The St. Paul Acoustic Sessions [EP]
Released: January 26, 2004

Set List

While tailored to fit the atmosphere of each venue and crowd, Paul Christianson’s set focuses on original material with an appropriate variety of cover songs. Two-hour headlining spots feature a solo middle set that highlights Paul's stand alone capabilities.

Original Songs:

How I Wonder
What I’ve Already Found
On Hold
Tonight and Tomorrow
Stretch the Truth
Holding Up the Wall
Keeps on Coming Back
Spilling My Weakness
Everything to Hide
No One Here to Blame

Cover Songs:
Every little thing she does is Magic (The Police)
That's all (Genesis)
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (Paul Simon)