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Paul Couture

Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States
Band Hip Hop Pop


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"Self Made Millionaire"

Today we salute you, Mr. Auto-tune inventor. Your contribution to the musical community took its 15 minutes of fame and sprinted away with it. Sure, you initially had us wooed by T-Pain’s and even Weezy’s mysteriously accurate pitch-finding abilities. But only now can we appreciate what your master plan was all along; thanks to you, we’ll never again know who can and who can’t sing. In the spirit of objectivity, Paul Couture may actually be a very good singer (although I’m quite sure that Ludacris is not). Moreover, his new single, Self Made Millionaire, should not be brushed off because of its liberal usage of the auto-tune effect—the song is actually quite catchy, and sounds like nothing else coming out of Austin right now. But it’s time to put auto-tune to rest. No word yet on Couture’s debut album.



After a fabulous pit-stop in Vegas with the Hilton Sisters for BFF Nicky Hilton's 25th at Vegas' Caesar's Palace this past Sunday, Hip Pop neophyte Paul Couture is back on the road promoting his debut single, $elf Made Millionaire featuring Ludacris.

Friends of 5 years, Nicky has been a staunch supporter of Paul Couture's music, even using his song New Chick for the debut runway show of her Chick clothing line. She is certainly not his only fan though as Paul's music has also been featured in a national Nissan campaign as well as WB's hit show The Gilmore Girls.

An Austin , Texas native, Paul Couture is an accomplished pianist, percussionist and trumpet player. His musical collaborations, in addition to Ludacris, include Fergie, Chantelle Paige and James Torme (son of Jazz legend Mel Torme.)

October finds Paul Couture travelling throughout California doing radio promo for his $elf Made Millionaire ft. Ludacris single and the hard work is certainly paying off; his spins jump weekly. Below we have provided a download link to the single which is also available on iTunes. To date Paul's MySpace page has garnered well over 10 million music plays.

$elf Made Millionaire ft. Ludacris -

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Self Made Millionaire featuring Ludacris and Sun Lotion have received airplay in California, Nevada, Texas, Georgia and Louisiana.



Boasting 200 live music venues and internationally renowned film and music festivals, Austin, Texas; the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’, is the perfect city for an artist such as Paul Couture to hail from. It embodies everything he is about as an artist. It is virtually impossible to grow up in Austin and not be influenced by the city’s rich artistic heritage. A steady diet of everything from Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway to Willie Nelson and Garth Brooks helped shape the artist in Paul Couture growing up, but it was a live performance by Hip Hop mavericks Oukast that solidified his career path in music. Although born into a generation that has never known a time without samples or drum machines, Paul himself is actually an accomplished pianist, percussionist and trumpet player. Add to that his writing skills and many acting credits, and what you have is a pure, artistic reflection of his childhood environment.

Paul Couture’s influences don’t all hail from Texas though. Upon graduating from high school, Paul moved to Hollywood, California like so many before him, to pursue his dreams. His time there spawned not only his first paying gigs; appearances in Disney’s That’s So Raven and the WB’s Gilmore Girls, but an ongoing friendship with Nicky Hilton who debuted her clothing line, Chick to Paul’s musical ‘collage of women I have met, known, dated, or just observed’ - New Chick. “Most songs are about idolizing and materializing girls.” Paul says of the popular song. “For me it was about empowering the women from a guy’s perspective.”

Moving freely amongst Hollywood’s young elite has some advantages and that freedom, combined with Paul’s charisma and obvious talent, has afforded him the opportunity to work with an A-list roster of artists for his upcoming album (insert album title here.) His debut Mr Lee-produced single, $elf Made Millionaire, features 3-time Grammy Award-winner Ludacris; a musical marriage that has club-goers and radio stations alike buzzing. Other recent Hip Hop collaborations have included Clipse’s Malice and emerging Dallas artist, Fat Pimp. Not content to be confined to a single genre though, Paul has also collaborated with such pop and jazz talents as Fergie, Chantelle Paige and James Torme, ensuring that his debut album will find a place in the collection of a broad array of music fans.

Touring and performing are also a great love for Paul Couture and his current promo tour has him hitting both live venues and radio stations across the country. His high-energy performance and easy-going charm are quickly converting fans of all genres to Paul Couture fans. With over 10 million music plays on MySpace and a single that is impacting at Rhythmic and Urban radio nationwide, Paul Couture all is set to join the long legacy of musicians who have put his hometown of Austin, Texas on the map.