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World-Changing Leadership Speaker to over 50 countries & 6 continents interacting cross-culturally & empowering people globally to live their dreams! Prolific author & poet of 14 books that deeply touch, teach, and transform. Inspiring & uplifting messages that unite and impact for positive change.


Paul F. Davis is a world-changing leadership & diversity speaker who has touched over 50 countries & 6 continents building bridges cross-culturally and empowering people throughout the earth to live their dreams!

Paul worked at Ground Zero in NYC during 9/11; helped rebuild a home at the tsunami epicenter; comforted victims of genocide in Rwanda; spoke to leaders in East Timor during the war; inspired students & monks in Myanmar; and promoted peace & reconciliation in Pakistan.

Paul is the author of 14 books that touch, teach, and transform. Paul has appeared on numerous internationally broadcast radio shows to talk about peacemaking, foreign policy, and diplomacy. Playboy Radio host Tiffany Granath calls Paul an "awesome" relational coach and recommends his books on love, dating, and sexuality.

Academically outstanding Paul humorously and elegantly transforms individuals and organizations.
Paul graduated Cum Laude from UCF and has received extensive executive education in Conflict Resolution and Transformative Mediation (Hofstra Law School); Strategic Negotiations & Deal-Making (Harvard Business School & U. of Washington); Advanced Interviews & Interrogation (Reid & Assoc. founders of the polygraph); NLP Master Practitioner (trained by Pure NLP founder Richard Bandler); Theology (Spirit Life Bible College); and much more!

Paul builds dreams, transcends limitations, & peaceably reconciles nations!

Paul empowers people to love passionately and live fearlessly.



Written By: Paul F. Davis

Standing tall and sure
In the dark of midnight
Inwardly illuminating
Making all unknowns right
Holding to truth’s anchor
Solid deep within
Knowing thyself
Your worth within

Dignified and honorable
Cherished and prized
Your self worth
You know
Never have compromised
Of you I am proud
Proud to know
Regardless of which way
Your life will go
What your soul contains
Kings and magistrates don’t disdain
Your self-worth far better
Than fortune and fame.

Endless Love

Written By: Paul F. Davis

Whatever you want me to be
I am
I am your lamb that loves you
I am your lion that leads you
I am your poet that enables you to feel
I am your priest that ministers and heals
I am your prophet giving you direction
I am your psalmist singing to you with inspiration
I am your nurturer giving you affection
I am your warrior giving you protection
I am your security from the storm
I am your embrace when your heart is weary and worn
I am your soul-mate with whom you can bleed
I am your provider, your mouth I feed
I am your confidant with a sympathetic ear
I am your treasure who you hold dear
I am your activities coordinator making your life fun
I am your anchor, so you don't run
I am your lover abiding always
I am your sunshine brightening your days
I am your financier with provision
I am your trust freeing you of suspicion
I am your giver not merely a taker
I am your dream-maker
I am your friend when you need understanding
I am your patience not demanding
I am your helper providing assistance
I am gentleness removing resistance
I am your cheerleader providing motivation
I am your coach instructing without condemnation
I am your blanket wrapping around you
I am your lover bonding with you
I am your transparency not a faker
I am your masterful love maker
I am your passion full of pleasure
I am your ecstasy without measure
I am your thrill providing expression
I am your purpose without regression
I am your fire full of desire
I am your man, never do I tire
I am your fitness trainer and masseur
I am your covenant keeper remaining pure
I am your psychiatrist and counselor
I am your personal care attendant
Ready to give a pedicure
I am your family mediator
I am your wedding coordinator
I am your intimacy initiator
I am your physician
Providing health and nutrition
I am your domestic servant
Helping you around the house
I am the practitioner
Modeling the message I espouse
I am your executive assistant and administrator
I am your solution and problem alleviator
I am your hospitable host
I am your celebration bringing cheer and toasts
I am all things to you
Whatever you want me to do
I am
Because I love you.

The Answer

Written By: Paul F. Davis

The question is
What makes a man
Act like a boy
Leave his toys
Forget all other joys
And fully employ
All resources to reach
Read books that teach
Build bridges
For each relational breach
Cleave like a leech
Cry like a poodle
Write poetry, daydream and doodle
Get in touch with his emotions
Experience inner commotion
Decline relocating for a promotion
Devise methods to bring meaning
Try to express what he’s feeling
Stretch arms out again
Though his heart is still healing
Inwardly bleed day and night
Not give up the fight
Try to make all wrongs right
Never turn out the light
Until sorrow is out of sight
Wait patiently for a kiss good night
Then rise in the morning
To potentially do it all over again
To encounter new challenges
With his nearest friend
Who he remains with until the end?

The question is
What makes a woman
Get giddy as a girl
Go to a great extent
To make her hair curl
To make her cheeks blush
To not speak and hush
To do deeds of kindness
To overlook wrongs with blindness
To fight like a tigress
To retreat like a kitten
Like a puppy who has been bitten
To fly like a kite
Soar like an eagle
To glow as if regale?
What makes a woman
Never succumb to peer pressure
When others tease and think lesser?
What makes a woman
Not give in
Despite the nay sayers
She continues to believe in him.
What makes a woman
So meek and so mild
So innocent and pure
As even a child?
What makes a woman
Believe for the best
To endure life’s hardships
And boldly face every test?
What makes a woman
See good despite difficulties
To speak well regardless of trivialities?
What makes a woman
Hold her man’s hand so tight
And make him feel like superman
When he knows all is not right?
What makes a woman
A vessel of hope
A mediator that can cope
A confidant that is forever yoked
An agent of change
A force for transformation
A source of liberation
A heavenly exhilaration?
What makes a woman
Forsake manipulation
Be endeared with adoration
And strive for cooperation
Though she feels under domination?

Love is the answer
The answer to these many questions
The answer to our fears
The anchor to hold throughout the years
Love gives staying power
Love never does sour
Love believes and endures until the end
Never to fail one’s closest friend
Love is the answer to life
The cure for all strife
The remedy for all evil
Whether Victorian or Medieval
Love is most notable
No matter the fashion or form
Whether exhilarated or forlorn
When love is expressed
It is felt within best
For better or worse
In sickness and health
Love is an asset
More valuable than monetary wealth.
Yet many have it
But forget to realize
To cherish it and prize
It above all else.
For when it is lost
It does greatly cost
To apprehend again
And to do so
One must spend
Not merely money
Oh no, there’s much more my friend
For love requires a continual giving
A giving of one’s heart
A consistency of sacrifice
A commitment not to depart
For when one starts to withdraw
To step back a bit
It seems the human heart
Can begin to feel it.
Yes, all of us falter
We fail at times
Yet humanity is not a crime
It should compel us on
To love all the more
To overlook evil
And not even the score
But to look down deep
Even to the inner core
For within each person
Whom God has created
Is a desire to be loved
And appreciated
So think it not strange
This yearning for love
It is a quest birthed by God
Though within you
It came from above.
For the Creator has said
It’s not good to be alone
Each person needs love
Someone to cherish at home
Forgive me dear Lord
For being so hard in my heart
And for nearly letting go of
What with I should not part.
I was blind
But now I see
Love is the answer
It is what I need.

Help me dear God
Never to leave
This love of my life
For which I inwardly plead
So value this love
While you have it my friend
For without it
You’ll soon be brought
To a bitter lonely end.
I said love is the answer
It will suit you quite well
Cherish and nourish it within
Watch it grow and swell
Wear love upon you
You’ll never be alone
Love is the answer
Where it’s found you’ll be home.

Dr. Martin Luther King

Written By: Paul F. Davis

Soul force
Over physical force
Dignity and discipline
Tackling the injustices
Of bigotry and racism
Tirelessly defending the oppressed
Striving for equality and freedom
Settling for nothing less
Continually giving your all and best
Prayerfully and prophetically
You were divinely blessed
To confront social unrest
Within the black community
Manifest the Negro revolution
A coalition of conscience
Mobilizing numerous protests
Pioneering countless advancements
Birthing a civil rights movement
Affirmative action
By vocalizing your dissatisfaction
With the status quo
Places blacks weren’t allowed to go
Designated places to sit on buses
Segregated public schools and bathrooms
White slave master violence mushroomed
Lynching was the norm
Yet you arose with a fury
Like a God sent storm
Declaring righteousness
Revisiting precious values
Rediscovering moral foundations
From which America had departed
Segregation the adultery of illicit intercourse
Between injustice and immorality
Sadly however most were content
To dwell with it quietly
Like an unchecked cancer gone ugly
Leaving evil alive
Confusing the true with the false
America had given blacks
An uncashed check
The Declaration of Independence
Was without complete enforcement
The bank of justice
Was bankrupt
Brutal treatment
Still existed
Like quicksand
Racial injustice persisted
It was then Dr. King boldly arose
Confronting gross darkness
With God’s sovereign light
To fight the good fight
To make all wrongs right
Laying aside comfort and convenience
Preferring to awake national awareness
Though your challenge brought controversy
All progress is precarious
As the solution to one problem
Brings you face to face with another
In the midst of such struggles
Came forth your sisters and brothers
Transforming neighborhoods
Into brotherhoods
Rejecting revenge, aggression, and retaliation
Holding fast to love’s eternal foundation
Unarmed truth and unconditional love
Marched on
Freedom was spoken and heard in song
A shining star
Martin you burned on
Declaring mankind’s inalienable rights
With all authority
To bring about liberty.

Where the battle rages
The loyalty of the soldier
Is tested and proved
Creative extremism
To awake misguided men
Guiding missiles
To civilization’s abrupt end
The time is always right
To do the right thing
He who condones evil
Is guilty like the perpetrator of it
He who remains silent
Endorses those who are violent
Sincere ignorance
And conscientious stupidity
Equally ensure continuous hostility
Self-consumption and worldly cares
Have dulled our national conscience
To the extent we personally don’t care
Insufficient in moral fortitude
We erode from within
Polluted by selfishness and sin
Raising the standard
Was the work of Martin
Speaking the truth in Christ
Without lies or spin
Despite arrests, abuse and bombings
You kept coming back for more
Opening freedom’s door
Setting free a generation
From racial segregation
Bringing about social reformation
And setting the table for unification
Repositioning the focus
Dr. King you did help us
To love ourselves and others
To ask hard questions
And respond with heart answers
Paving a path
To the Promised Land
Where black and white children
Can happily hold hands
Knowing one another
By the content of their character
Rather than the color of their skin
A great liberation
First comes from within
Dr. King you did triumphantly win
Equality for all mankind
A glorious emancipation.

Pursuit of Happiness

Written By: Paul F. Davis

We hold these truths to be self-evident,
That all men are created equal;
That they are endowed by their Creator
With inherent and inalienable rights;
That among these, are life, liberty,
And the pursuit of happiness;
That to secure these rights,
Governments are instituted among men,
Deriving their just powers from
The consent of the governed;
That whenever any form of government
Becomes destructive of these ends,
It is the right of the people to alter or
Abolish it, and to institute new government,
Laying its foundation on such principles,
And organizing its powers in such form,
As to them shall seem most likely
To effect their safety and happiness.
Effect - making a desired impression
Power to produce results; efficacy;
Force; validity; influence; accomplish;
Make happen; bring about; bring about;
Purpose or intention; operation or execution.
Not just an illusory fleeting phenomenon.
The pursuit of happiness requires effort
No government can secure it for you
Many try and the results are disastrous
To promise happiness is preposterous
It must be pursued by the relentless
Pursue - to follow in order to overtake,
Capture, to strive to gain; seek to attain;
Accomplish; to proceed in accordance with;
To continue; go on a journey with; capture.
To be fully engaged in such an adventure
One must be devoted and determined
To walk by faith and not be disillusioned
Endure delays, denials, and disappointment
Circumstantial setbacks and rejection
These will test your ability to continue
To wholeheartedly pursue and endue
A positive attitude and journey on to
The happiness you greatly aspire to
Possess, maintain, employ, and enjoy.
Happiness truly exists and is no ploy
Neither is it an amusing, trifle toy
I'm not trying to be trite, or coy
Happiness is considerably valuable
Certainly happiness is most attainable
Much more easy than stuff purchasable
Happiness is an inside job most doable
Juxtapose your perception and reality
Cultivate happiness within continually
Than with or without you will be happy
Because happiness is an inner quality
Accessible to all equally and pursued freely.

Believe in Yourself

Written By: Paul F. Davis

Believe in yourself
Regardless of anyone else.
Stand strong all day long.
Let the force of faith
Take you where you belong.
Believe in yourself
Fake it until you make it
Say it until you see it
Believe it and you'll be it
Don't be belittled by doubters
Don't be diminished by haters
Don't be dwarfed by unbelievers
You believe in you!
No matter what others
Choose to say and do
After all you're all you've got
Don't let your dreams rot
Get up and aggressively go
Forward into the unknown
Feel your way through
Put your heart in all you do
Let your faith become a force
To pull others into your focus
Embark upon your vision
Let go of others opinion
Arise with childlike faith
To take divine dominion
Co-create with your Creator
Boldly bring into being
That which you're believing
Believe and receive
Dare to do and achieve
See it, say it, and seize it!
Take immediate action
Therein is found satisfaction
As you personally propel
Your purpose into the planet
Let your passion be a magnet
To attract what you desire
With intangible unquenchable fire
Declare "What belongs to me
Must now come to me!"
Get insatiably hungry
Lick your lips and be thirsty
Move forth fearlessly
Never look back hesitantly
Enlist the double-minded
Give vision to those blinded
By past defeat and despair
Grab the lukewarm by the hair
Show the destitute you care
Impregnate people with purpose
Disregard their initial fuss
Remember none of us
Are as strong as all of us
Therefore get others on the bus
Enlist folks to join the cause
Tell them to forget what was
Do something today
Let not the past get in the way
Break forth into joy this day
Sacrifice and the price pay
Establish credibility today
Confidence enables you to stay
Without which you'll be blown away.

Bridezilla Has A Breakdown

Written By: Paul F. Davis

Our beautiful bride what has become of you?It seems all these things you've gone throughHave utterly demoralized and got the best of youDarling, let me encourage and tell you what to doGet out of bed, let go of dread, lift up your headRenew your mind, guard your heart, begin to startPraising your Creator continually and consistentlyGiving thanks for the many things He's done for theeLet not miniscule matters and trivialities bring sorrowFocus on the majors and build momentum for tomorrowThe road ahead may be hard, but it can be happyLet go of excessive stress and don't be so snappyDon't blow a fuse, be foul, or refuse to disciplineYourself, your tongue, and your mental acumenAccountability, sincerity, and transparencyWill assist you to overcome and live victoriouslyDeal with daily intricacies and lessen the commotionBridezilla, nobody wants to endure all your dramaA loose tongue will continually test others patiencePush them over the edge without hesitanceUntil they reach the breaking point and explodeBridezilla don't torment, torture, and goadYour beloved, faithful friends and familyTake a deep breath and imagine Greece or ItalyJourney away on honeymoon mentally momentarilyLearn to manage your emotions more skillfullyPremarital planning is getting the best of youPerhaps you need a revolutionary breakthroughA paradigm shift to forever transform youAlleviate the mindset that plagues and drainsEmotional outbursts people dislike and disdainGovern and rule your emotions and tongueTry to be childlike, heartfelt, and playfully funAs you go about business to get the job doneThough this breakdown has brought you downIt was in order to reconstruct your foundationShift your consciousness in a new directionBridezilla, life is to be a glorious celebrationDon't wait for the wedding day to get it underwayBreak forth into joy now, this, and everyday!

Problem Solver

Written By: Paul F. Davis

This is your finest hour
Now go forth with all power
To slay your giants
Bring down opposing forces
Eliminate farces
Leap over fences
Forget falsities
Forge ahead boldly
Into a new reality
Employ divine ability
Access it through faith
Grasp miraculous grace
Lay hold of the supernatural flow
Put your problems in perspective
All barriers will go
Prayerfully bend down low
Then spread your wings
Experience new things
Soar like an eagle
Be resourceful and regal.

Dream Come True

Written By: Paul F. Davis

Dream Come True
Glorious and wonderful
Faithful and hopeful
Twinkling and radiant
Steadfast and triumphant
Your dreams will come true
Your heart will be renewed

I care for you
Your tenderness and sincerity
Make it easy to do
Please know I'm with you
Deep within your heart
Never are you alone
Think of me
And you'll be home
I know the same
When I think of you
You are my dream come true!

I want nothing more than you
Together happily with me
Enjoying all the world
Which we shall see
If your heart can stay true
Captivated and committed
I will be forever yours
God will open new doors
Doors of opportunity
Guide us in prosperity
And give our hearts tranquility

A new day has dawned
True love has spawned
Sorrows have gone.
Be warmed in my words
Be clothed in my affirmation
Be endued with power
By this profound revelation
A divine revelation of love
That comes from God above.
Let it empower and equip
Strengthen and fortify
For truly your dream
It is no lie
It has tarried
But will come
Arise now!
With your dream run
For therein you will find
Fulfillment and fun
Don't settle for some
No, go after it all!
Be childlike as you go
You will not fall
Believing you'll see
And experience your dream
Past challenges will change
No more shall negativity demean
Cleave to positive people
Build a dream team
Brainstorm, map and order your steps
For you long enough
Have been broken and wept
Now is your time
To arise and shine
Live your dreams
Make them come true
In so doing
Your dreams will make you!

Albert Einstein

Written By: Paul F. Davis

Reality is merely an illusion,
Albeit a very persistent one.
Furthermore your current reality
Is not ultimately your destiny.
Unfathomably profound
Engagingly simple
Your brain remarkably mathematical
An unusually large inferior parietal
Probing the depths of imagination
Forging ahead for new creations
Your unusually large inferior parietal lobe
Could intelligently fill the globe
The percentages by which
You used your brain
Ancients and skeptics cannot disdain
You lived, laughed, and loved
All the same
Being inwardly wise
Outwardly eloquent
Creative and transparent
As far as the laws of mathematics
Refer to reality
They are not certain;
And as far as they are certain,
they do not refer to reality.
Profound you were
Uttering truths in humility.
Only two things are infinite,
The universe and human stupidity.
Cupidity however undoubtedly
Makes fools of us all
Yet God graciously lifts us up to stand tall.
Nevertheless before God we are all
Equally wise and equally foolish.
Common sense is the collection of prejudices
Each human has peculiarities and nuances
Gifts, talents, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses
Never think of the future
It comes soon enough.
Practice gentleness with all
Don't be so gruff
I know not with what weapons
World War III will be fought,
But World War IV
Will be fought with sticks and stones.
When will we learn to celebrate
Instead of contentiously pick bones?
The most incomprehensible thing
About the world is
That it is at all comprehensible.
Governments however can act reprehensible
Through their imposing of the income tax
It being the hardest thing in the world to understand.
Would to God the people would take a stand
And unite to rid it from the land
Or at the very least
Elect leaders who give a damn
And don't use their office
To get all they can.
If the facts don't fit the theory,
Change the facts.
Many speak, but few consistently act.
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Creativity is rarely learned in college
Yet the secret to creativity
Is knowing how to hide your sources.
The most beautiful thing we can experience
Is the mysterious
It is the source of all true art and science.
To such a spirit there shall be no defiance
For science without the spirit is lame
Einstein the great, none shall forget your name
Albert you made many men smile and sing
Differing opinions few are capable of expressing
The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Edgar Allan Poe

Written By: Paul F. Davis

Edgar Allan Poe
Through life circumstances
You did grow
Trials and tribulations
Came your way
Yet you rose from within
And by your writings and poems
You did win.
Certainly gambling is not good
But using one's God-given talents
A young man should
Hence I have set forth
To be a poet like you
I understand what you went through
My mother struggled
With the bottle and drugs too
Yet Poe, I am here
To tell you
That your personal struggles
They made you
They also gave you
The ability to feel
So you could identify and heal
Your heart's agony
Concerning abandonment
A deep tragedy
Your adopted father Allan
Disowned thee
West Point dishonorably discharged thee
Your cousin and wife Virginia died prematurely
It was then you wrote
Your famous poem "Annabel Lee"
In losing love
You gave it
Your world collapsed
But for others you made it
Baltimore's best
Life's unexpected unalterable events
Continually put you to the test
Undoubtedly Edgar
By heaven you were blessed
I pray to God
Your soul to rest
No need for depression or restlessness
From a gutter to glory
Your written works
Your life story
"The Tell-Tale Heart"
"A Dream Within A Dream"
"The Happiest Day"
Edgar you'll never go away
You unveiled
Another dimension
Removing illiteracy and apprehension
An amazing legacy
Loved and admired by many
Edgar you are alive and well
Though you never made it
To see your new fiancée
Your spirit and heart made it
To me your protege.

Robert Frost

Written By: Paul F. Davis

Robert Frost
You've done well
In asking
Before building
What are you walling in?
What are you walling out?
And whom are you offending
When doing so?
Good fences
Make good neighbors
Yet what about the current horrors?
Domestic violence and international wars
Nobody loves walls
Intended to keep us out
Or giants
That want to make us doubt.
The promised land
Is for whosoever will
Even if they be uneducated and without skill
For all human beings have God-given gifts
Talents and abilities of some sort
Therefore let not politicians
Of us make sport
Neither academians who think
They know it all
For pride precedes a great fall
Humility however
Enables us to learn, grow and stand tall
As for arrogance
It incites rivalry
Divides humanity
Verbally spews profanity
Causing societal insanity
Often leading to a brawl.
Now therefore listen to poet Paul
A life coach and prophet
For a new generation
Bringing down walls
As a minister of reconciliation
Taking a relevant message
To awake a perverse and adulterous nation
Bent on evil
Ready to self-destruct
This is why
An ambassador of heaven
Must now erupt
And not be silent
Islam is impotent, intolerant and violent
And unless a new generation
Of voices arise
We as a nation shall be despised.
Therefore here am I send me!
I will go in your stead
With my poetry.
For a new genre and spirit is needed
Take rest my beloved Frost
Your works have succeeded
For there can be no success
Without a successor
Although some would say
I am the lesser
Nevertheless as a fellow pastoral poet
I dare to be your successor.

Abraham Lincoln

Written By: Paul F. Davis

Malice toward none
Charity for all
Force is all-conquering
But its victories are short-lived
It is right
That makes might
Destroy your enemies
By making them friends
Sin and self-exaltation
Is a reproach to any people
Oppression is never credible
Thankfully “Honest Abe”
Never lost touch
With the common people
Continually calling upon
And confiding in
The Maker of heaven and earth
President Lincoln called
Three national days
Of fasting and prayer
To cry out for assistance
With national concerns and cares
Acknowledging the pretenses
Of American liberty
Lincoln could not sit by quietly
Endure white supremacy
Happily embrace such hypocrisy
And celebrate patriotically
But instead he lifted up his voice
For the cause of the Almighty
Procuring for all humanity
Justice and liberty
Not content
To trample on the rights of others
Lincoln fought for his black brothers
Restoring the genius
Of American independence
Liberating all subjects
From despots and tyrants
Leaning heavily upon God
With all reliance
Kneeling often
During the Civil War
That to our nation
Unity, He would restore
He who would be no slave
Should neither consent
To have a slave
Those who deny others freedom
Deserve it not themselves
Character is like a tree
And reputation like its shadow
The shadow is what we think of it
The tree however is the real thing
Therefore by propaganda don’t be fed
Nor by nepotistic leaders be misled
No man is good enough
To govern another man
Without the other’s consent
Otherwise his pursuits will be ill bent
People should be their own rulers
Not judiciary bodies
Such as the Supreme Court
Giving tribunals such power
Disintegrate our human rights and values
Hour by hour
Allowing ill-motivated legislation
To be written, legislated and translated
According to fluctuating whim and circumstance
Economic gain and the national security dance
Thereby afflicting
The disenfranchised with pain
Such governmental imbalances
We the people must disdain
Don’t interfere therefore
With the Constitution
A sacred text
That must be maintained
For it alone safeguards our liberty
Reinterpreting it means insurgency
A departure from the founding fathers intent
And a tear in the nation by reason of rend
Not only will offend
But rapidly send
Our nation into utter confusion
Moral erosion and destitution
For this reason President Lincoln
Was repeatedly driven
To his knees
Having nowhere else to go
While dealing with
A divided nation
Opposing opinions and advice
Rampant injustice and vice
Humbly beseeching
The favor of the Earth’s Governor
Realizing that
He who made the world
Still governs it
Though weary in well doing
Lincoln did not quit
Earnestly desiring Providence
In regard to the matter
Disregarding godless chatter
Deeply desiring
That all his works and acts
Be done according to His will
Lincoln gave freedom to the slave
Whereby he assured
Freedom to the free
For both to be all they can be
That all might dwell together
In liberty and dignity
Making an Emancipation Proclamation
Lincoln fatherly united the nation
Calling all to repentance
Of sin and transgression
Imploring the mercy of the Lord above
That He might shower on us
His mercy, pardon, and love
To reconcile and rise above
The calamity of injustice and war
For being rotten to the core
That we being the recipients
Of the choicest bounties of heaven
Would be kept from all Pharisaical leaven
Partisan politics
But that we might seek
To be on the Lord’s side
And there always reside
That our nation
Might be united under God
A government of the people
By the people
For the people
Preserved in peace and prosperity
Established in grace and truth generationally
To forever secure our heritage and legacy
Lincoln considered the holy Bible
To be God’s greatest gift to man
Which if we’d obediently follow His plan
Will bring countless and innumerable blessings
To our beloved homeland
As we discern right from wrong
Make a solemn sacrifice
To under gird future generations
By cleaving to that which is right
Remembering mercy bears richer fruits
Than strict heartless justice
Because none of us are guiltless
Purity does breed immortality
As we consider all things personally
Before projecting them on others presumptuously
Such were the errors
Of the masters of slavery
Who forgot the Lord
From whom all blessings flow
Instead they preferred to bring men low
Shackle them in bondage and servitude
Yet their plot
Lincoln did not evade you
For God had anointed you
To see and say
To eliminate slavery
Day by day
To once again in our nation
A moral foundation
By which we forever say
‘In God We Trust”
For in our darkest hours
Confidence in King Jesus
Is a must
Hence inscribed on all currency and coin
Are these prophetic words
To strengthen us within
Unify us in purpose
Beyond political discourse
Overcome the wor

Joan of Arc

Written By: Paul F. Davis

France had fallen
Under foreign control
The British had invaded Orleans
On the fate of which
Hung the entire kingdom
Royal factions did intensify
Rumors about affairs did petrify
The Hundred Years War
For Aquitaine
Was fought with much pain
The rich land in the southwest
For which England lusteth
They did for some time rule
In the 12th century
Though this would not
Forever be
As for the French army
They had won no major victory
For a generation
Nevertheless their prayers were heard
By God above
Who shined upon Joan
With mercy and love
Visiting her with repeated visions
Hearing God’s voice
Speak to her ever so clearly
Joan surrendered to
The heavenly
And embraced the divine call
She obtained an interview
With the commander at Vancoulers
Tirelessly pushing through the doubters
It was then that she
Finally explained her mission
France’s regime was in desperation
Thus Joan was sent
Fervently she went
Dressed in soldier’s clothes
To Charles VII
Miraculously and prophetically
Joan revealed to him secrets
That were known
Only by Charles and God
Hence Charles gave Joan
A suit of white armor
Though with God’s hand
Fully upon her
She was already clothed
With honor and splendor
Joan like a Bible Seer
Instructed her attendants
Where to go to fetch her sword
Seeing by the Spirit
Speaking forth the word
She gave the location
With certainty and no hesitation
Behind the altar of St. Catherine’s Church
Although Joan had never been there before
Such divine inspiration
Opened the door
Releasing a spirit of faith
A force from on high
By which she courageously
Inspired her soldiers to battle
To bravely persevere
To recover her homeland
From English domination
To victoriously bring about
King Charles VII’s coronation
The English however were clever
And had nearly achieved their goal
Of a dual monarchy
Under their control
Nevertheless loyal to the French crown
Joan and company
Did valiantly
Proceed to fight the enemy
Though surrounded
Their love for their country abounded
Joan made the journey
Through Burgundian territory
As a man in disguise
Her relentless leadership
One cannot despise
Though but a 17 year old peasant girl
She had fire in her eyes
Uneducated but learned in heart
From such a vigorous passion
No soldier can depart
Thus she was given permission
To travel with the army
Wear the equipment of a knight
Though wounded
She did continue to fight
Motivating her troops
Day and night
Uplifting her standard
Above her sword
This woman
Was no coward
Demoralized and discredited
After years of humiliating defeat
One after another
France had found in Joan
A spiritual mother
To fortify its spirit
Arouse its will power
Before their hope in God
Departed and went sour
Joan aggressively arose
Beseeching the king of England
To settle his debt
To the king of Heaven
Return to His maiden
His French envoy
The keys to all the towns
He had taken and violated
For such hostility
Would no longer
Be tolerated
Joan also defied the French
Despite their cautious strategy
Joan went forth offensively
A skilled orator and tactician
A successful strategist
The lioness rode out
To capture the fortress
Of Saint Augustins
Marched through towns
Near Paris
Assaulting the English stronghold
The army becoming increasingly bold
Pulling an arrow from her shoulder
Though wounded
Joan returned ever bolder
Indefatigably leading the charge
Chasing the English out
Bringing about a triumphant route
Accepting more peaceful surrenders
Continually gaining more supporters
Ready to honorably make peace
Expressing the gentleness
Of the king of France
Yet cautiously examining every truce
Lest it merely be a trap and noose
Enduring accusations
About her character being loose
On what grounds?
The length of her hair
The clothes she did wear
Her faith in God
By which she did dare
To hear His voice and obey
Much more than
The slothful priests of her day
Others did say
She was a heretic
Some claimed a witch
Not so, it was they
Who were bewitched
By the devil himself
And his hellish envoys
Who employed
A political ploy
By which to overtake France
Overturn justice
Appear religious
Though they were slanderous
As for Joan
She feared Christ
Wholeheartedly gave Him
Her precious young life
Upheld her calling and testimony
Even while in prison
Where she was threatened greatly
Though martyrdom drew near
Joan held to her cause
And never did fear
Joan remained a pure virgin
Even unto execution
Though the British soldiers
Sought to molest her
Subject and rape her
This holy woman
Born of the Spirit
Who they called illiterate
Spoke eloquently
Truthfully and wisely
Baffling the scholarly
While remaining in God’s grace
Yet not uplifting her face
Not seeking self-exaltation
Nor desiring self-preservation
Preferring to fulfill
Her God-given mission
Telling who


Written By: Paul F. Davis

Winding the watch of your wit
By it you did strike
Not withdrawing from thy purpose
Which you resolved to effect
Certainly not afraid of greatness
The foremost dramatist of your time
Enduring fame is most sublime
The immortality of beauty and love
The inevitable decay of time
Sensuality’s heaven and hell
Such themes resonate well
Can be related to with ease
And vast audiences certainly please
Stratford’s charming son
Anne’s beloved husband
Susanna and Judith’s faithful father
Heartache you too did know
When Judith’s twin brother
Did unexpectedly go
In the torrent and tempest
Of life’s circumstances
You wisely acquired temperance
Giving your passion smoothness
While you asked your heart
What it did knowest
Discretion you remarkably
Did showest
Realizing the dangers of borrowing
That it dulls the edge of husbandry
You discouraged dress fancy and gaudy
Yet lest the apprehensive disdain
Elegant apparel does sufficiently proclaim
A man’s posturing and societal position
Without fully disclosing
His financial condition
Have more than thou showest
Speak less than thou knowest
William thy ways are most modest
Your bodily appetites
Harnessed by your will
Yet you did not recoil
From articulating the thrill
Of sensuality’s pleasure
Equally so its pain
As the Globe theatre and London
Royally embraced your name
You know who and what you were
We know what you became
Our remedies
Oft do lie in ourselves alone
Hence to thine own self be true
Because truth ultimately
Begins with you
Upon being true to thyself
It is easier to so be
With everybody else
Though it takes inward strength
Like that of a giant
Outwardly it’s not defiant
On the contrary
It is expressed
Graciously and peaceably
From it comes your authenticity
Out of which springs
Your illustrious legacy
Shakespeare your words
You left the earth
Smooth as silk
Enduring as the day
By no means
Do your achievements
Make mockery of you
We your audience
Appreciatively celebrate you
As we now go
To cultivate our gardens
Heed our own conscience
To uproot the weeds
Of jealousy and fear
Overthrow the tendency
Toward utter cruelty
Remembering the dangerous consequences
Of unchecked fury
To forgive, forget
Keep our feet
From Satan’s net
Refrain from excessive foolery
For no legacy is so rich
As is honesty
Praising what is lost
Makes the remembrance near
Therefore we shall not forget
Such a man as Shakespeare.

Emily Dickinson

Written By: Paul F. Davis

Such your parents
Appropriately named thee
Aemilius meaning "rival"
It's origin being Roman and medieval
Describing one industrious and eager
Certainly not a people pleaser
Considering your reclusive nature
And social restrictions
To uphold your secluded space
Nevertheless such was needful
That historically you might earn
Your poetic place
Not always does one aspire
To social grace
Yet your inner life was rich
Increasingly sweet
Apart from people
You felt complete
Miss Dickinson darling
You are far from a nobody
Your passion for uplifting somebody
Brought your writings to humanity
Whereby you've achieved immortality
You healed broken hearts
By no means was your life
Spent in vain
Certainly your manner of life
In lieu of your accomplishments
None can disdain
At home you cheered mother
Baked for father
And worked in the garden
All the while cultivating
Within your own heart Eden
A reservoir of experience and emotion
To which later in life
You would give your devotion
Sadly your heart ached with pain
When Austin and Vinnie left for school
And Reverend Wadsworth enamored you
The Rev a married man
Was the wrong one for you
Nevertheless morally you kept the rule
Like a girl raised in seminary
You chose friendship not adultery
A choice that led to your legacy
As you began writing incessantly
Loneliness did not get the best of thee
On the contrary Emily
You mastered it wonderfully
Higginson was deluded by your difference
Which ultimately was your brilliance
Thankfully you showed no hesitance
But stayed true to your essence
Your poems self-soothing
Identifying with humanity
And deeply moving
Never stopping
Hope in your soul always perching
The life that you thought
Would never come again
Through your writings
Has repeatedly shined
On the hearts of men
In writing you lived
In living you did rejoice
By dwelling in possibilities
You uplifted your voice
A voice of liberation
Understanding human sorrow
By choosing the path of humility
You escaped societal monotony
Being daily made dreary
By excessive recognition
Preferring alternatively
Thy own inspiration
You gave birth
To literary innovation
Out of obscurity
Your poems came
When Lavinia and Martha
Gave your writings fame
Publishing your work
Brought glory to your name
Indeed Emily
The fog is truly rising
After which there shall come
A great awakening!

Walt Whitman

Written By: Paul F. Davis

Walt Whitman
The All American Writer
As pure as apple cider
You were an iconoclast
A man after my own heart
Outwitting the rest
Giving the world your best
Providing illuminating imagery
Paradox to stimulate intellectually
Active with political activity
To "Honest Abe"
Showing yourself friendly
Expressive in regard to democracy
Vocal concerning slavery
Uninhibited with your philosophy
Boldly opposing structured rigidity
Untamed and untranslatable
Your writings not degradable
Breaking barriers
You published your own
Taking Leaves of Grass Making the world its home
Your perception and presumption
Received maximum absorption
As you said,
"What I assume you shall assume"
For your piece
Ralph Waldo Emerson made room
A free man
Writing free verse
With a New Yorker's attitude of course
Building bridges
Be it by his spider's filament
Or crossing gulfs
By his Brooklyn Ferry
Enraptured by big city vibrancy
Sophistication and intellectual stimulation
Providing ample literary opportunity
Despite critism, conflict and controversy
Walt let his heart lead him
Even if that sometimes meant contradiction
An earthy man who loved nature
Walt put faith in the common man
And found vitality in simplicity
Socializing wholeheartedly
With friends on both sides of the Atlantic
With his time and resources philanthropic
During the Civil War
He nursed the sick and wounded
Providing compassionate care
Unlike most he did dare
To give of himself
Beyond lectures and charity
His tomb self-designed in Harleigh Cemetery
Walt worked wonders
With His god-given talent
Yet remained humble in his self-assessment
Saying, "I am as bad as the worst,
but, thank God,
I am as good as the best."
Well said dear Walt
May your soul take rest.
I pray I like you
Can be so gifted and blessed.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Written By: Paul F. Davis

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a boy wonder!A miracle born of God from the startYour musical output a divine artTimeless and forever cherished Alternating moods most vivaciousYour cultural experiences numerousMarvelously influential and inspirationalFoundationally immensely impartationalAs you did listen, learn, and absorbEvolve and grow magnificentlyWith boldness and originalityArising all the more with vitalityProfound contrasts and higher unityAgitation coupled with surprisesAttending to the smallest detailsIn each masterful symphonyYour departure from small SalzburgWhere did reside father and familyWas for you a move most revolutionaryFor such a young one a sign of maturityAs emotionally and musically you feltAnd could smell larger opportunityBoth recognition and rewards financiallyTo not have journeyed into the unknownWould have been to the world a tragedyThankfully you paid no attention to anybodyThat is their manipulative praise or blame.To not be true to thyself is the greatest painRefusing to be discouraged by a kick in the assFreed from the Archbishop and father's demandsNow Wolfgang Amadeus could take a bold standFind himself, embrace his authenticity, and be a manSupreme expressions of suffering and horrific terrorShockingly voluptuous, transparent, and captivatingMozart your compositions remain today invigoratingPinnacles of symphonic, concertante, chamber, pianoOperatic and choral music with rapid river-like flow.Your works part of the standard concert repertoireA composer prolific, popular, and extremely versatileEnabling us to feel sensuality through music virileComprehend the hostility and anger within violenceShifting notable harmonies and modes cadence Altering and strengthening the ending sequence Masterfully displaying your intuitive brillianceInsightful and refreshingly original without hesitanceDelightful movements with expressive excellence Operas with musical complexity causing difficulty Nevertheless you were happily content to beFlattering, charming, and cheering our earsMozart did continually create and engineerConcertos and operas that we hold dearTimeless masterpieces to enrapture every ear.


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