Paul Dowds

Paul Dowds


Paul Dowds is a Songwriter, solo performer, and also member of the NC-based band Hooverville. Paul plays the Guitar and Upright Bass (though not usually at the same time). Paul can also be contacted via the Hooverville website at


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Written By: Paul Dowds

I remember when roses were red
And violets were all that was blue
Being in love might have been all in my head
'Cept for the way you held on, too

Wasn't there a time when everything just flowed?
Words into water and laughter into wine
I still don't understand why everything got so cold
Or why you just stopped trying

Honey, get a move on,
You've got a lot of ground to cover without me
Honey get your groove on,
You're gonna need it and you ain't used it lately

They say coyotes will knaw down into their own bones
Well I must've missed the metal snap
You can treat me like a stranger in my own home
But I ain't in your trap



Written By: Paul Dowds

They fell in love when their eyes first met
Back when neither had tasted whiskey yet
They were just kids but they knew
They'd save a little money and say 'I Do'

They were Lucky - Born under a good sign
Lucky - Right place at the right time
They'd be Lucky right on down the line
And all they had was time

Well it seemed like a good deal
See the world on square meals
But before he knew it he was on a plane
To a place he could barely name

And she was faithful to her man
The hourglass did not leak sand
And it'd be all over soon
They promised he'd be home by June

Lucky - Born under a good sign
Lucky - Right place at the right time
But how do you stay Lucky out on that front line
When all you have is time

You never hear the one that gets you
Friend or Foe
Choose another place to wear the ring
No more dosey-do

He still breathes but his eyes tell
Painkillers only carpet Hell
And she drinks whiskey all the time
And wonders if the dead are luckier...than the dyin'

Born under a good sign
Right place at the right time
On down that line
And all they have is time
All they have is time


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