Paul Edelman and the Jangling Sparrows

Paul Edelman and the Jangling Sparrows


Roots rock,chord smart. Acoustic-hypnotic and edgy Electric-growling and melodic Lyrics that raise the bar


Someone I know once coined the phrase Emo-country to describe my music. I quite liked it. Another friend once told a third party that they should listen to my disc if they are down because it will make you feel understood. I was quite proud of that as well. My music doesn't hedge. It commits to the feeling and style it wants to achieve. and that is what folks have been responding to. Some tunes jump out at you some bring you into the fold. Style is simply another tool with which my songs are brought to there fullest. It all can be categorized as Americana though spanning the breadth of that definition.
Performed with Robert Earl Kean, James McMurtry, Jim Boggia, Patty Larkin, Marah, Frog Holler, Wrinkle Neck Mules, Matt Hebert, Cordero, McGowan, Slo-Mo, the Drams, Slobberbone, Drive-by Truckers, One Star Hotel, Buried Beds, Twinemen, Neil Cleary, Bottle Rockets, others.

Performed at World Cafe Live (Philly), Tin Angel (Philly), Sellersville Theater (PA), Sin-E (NYC), Continental (NYC), Rockwood Music Hall (NYC), Hank's Saloon (Brookyln), Arlene's Grocery (NYC), Century Lounge (Providence), Overdraught Pub (Cambridge). The Elevens (Northampton). Oldfield's on High (Columbus), Square Cafe (Pittsburgh), Club Cafe (Pittsburgh), John and Peter's (New Hope), North by Northwest (Philly), Tri-Tone (Philly), Fergie's Pub (Philly), Media Roots Ramble (Media), the Fire (Philly), North Star Bar (Philly), Khyber (Philly), others.

CCR, AC/DC, Graham Parsons, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Townes Van Zandt, Rolling Stones, , Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, Merle Haggard, Allman Brothers, the Band, Uncle Tupelo, Tom Petty

Paul is a graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and is a teacher at the Fusion Music School in Cherry Hill, NJ. He plays and teaches guitar, bass, banjo, harmonica and vocals. A downloadable High-Res photo is available at


North American and Susquehanna (2005.) Heard on WXPN (Philadelphia), WPRB (Princeton, WBZC (Pemberton), WMBR (Providence), WBSR (Providence), KRCB (Santa Rosa), Semi-Twang 88/7 the Voice (Sacramento), Radio EMS (Germany), Radio ICM (France), Radio Altcountry (Netherlands.)

currently working on and promoting new release "shed". Already one song"Miles for a Moment" has gone on Drexels Mad Dragon studio annual local philly compilation.
Another song, "Take Home Your Coat" is going on another local compilation being put out by Neil Drucker of Record Cellar. A third song"Lone Star Mile" has quadrupled the my space hits within a week.
Track 5 "Thumb Me Down" from NA&S is also on a local singer/songwriter compilation.

Paul has also appeared on the following Cds:

Denison Witmer, "Rediscovered." (2003)
Songs: Ohia "Didn't it Rain." (2002)
Burlap Palace, A Tribute to the Muscle Shoals Sound (2001)
She-haw, 'Not About Love." (2001)
Boxcars, "Crossing." (2000)
Naked Omaha, "Belt." (1999)
NY singer/songwriter Dan Costello new studio release

Set List

Performs as a full band and solo acoustic singer/songwriter.
The band reportiore has been thus to now
The Highway Song
Miles for a Moment
Lone Star MIle
5 Gear Memory
Man of Tides
I'm a Blur
Slow Honey Drop
Old Red Song
Take Home Your Coat
Thumb Me Down
Graveyard 76
Lead Me Out
Any variation of these songs depending on the needs of the venue

The original acoustic reportiore is too vast to list

Sets are mostly compromised of originals, but there is huge amount of Classic Country, Bluegrass, Rock covers to mine. Hank Williams and Bill Monroe to Tom Petty and the Stones. Recent covers include: "Little Girl of Mine from Tennessee," "Torn and Frayed," "Poncho and Lefty," and "Out on the Weekend." The latest add for the band is the Who's "The Kids are Alright" as the encore number.