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Walking In Your Arms

Written By: Paul Edwards

Walking In Your Arms
You Were a Part of Me…
We were friends so long,
You’d come see me play,
I’d leave Walking In Your Arms
You made a Marriage vow,
It had been awhile,
But when the night was done,
I’d look for you somehow…

Still I carried on,
Tied to the night,
Work took such time,
Never saw the light,
I fulfilled the plan,
It was carried out with care,
But when the night was done,
No one was there,

I moved ahead,
From place to place,
And then one night,
I saw your face,
I went to you,
Your eyes found mine,
It was then I knew,
I was runnin blind,

The night was young,
We walked on awhile,
We spoke about,
What time had brought,
How suburban dreams,
Had faded from your sight,
How my life came down,
To the glare of stage lights,

I wanted to stay,
Didn’t want this to end,
To find you this way,
Brought back a feelin,
The morning came,
I was held by your charms,
I looked at you…
I was Walking In Your Arms…

Words and Music by Paul Edwards – BMI Albari Music