Attempts humor. Kind of fun. Songs where the words are important. Guitar and piano songs. For people who like music.


I was born in Stockton, California, and lived there 22 years. I've lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 16 years and now I'm 38 years old. I grew up listening to Hoyt Axton, The Beatles, Scott Joplin and Elton John. In high school, I had a good teacher who introduced me to jazz and blues and some classical music. I started playing guitar by ear when I was 16, and I still don't read too much for it.
What sets me apart from other bands is that the music that I play is mine, not theirs. I have my own personality and life, and they are different from the personalities and lives of other performers/artists. I am a person who laughs and cries and has good times and bad times. I'm transgendered, but I try not to let that get in the way of my being a human being. I used to work in a stock brokerage firm on a trading desk. I worked at a publisher and now I work at a volleyball uniform company in Berkeley.



Written By: Paul Nichols

if the sun refused to shine
on the two bookstores where I go
to buy books
and an occasional magazine
and the know-it-all people
the superior book readers
who look at me and know
I'm a dummy
nowhere near the heights they inhabit
behind the counter
by the register
in their unassailable
intellectual fortress
The attitude
what a dumb question
you can't be serious
so I think to myself
or I ask them
what's the dumbest, stupidest
book you have?
that's my book
that's mine
that's what I want to read
sell me that book and I'll love you
in a way that defies description
by the most capable, articulate
wordsmith ever to inhabit the
bookshelves of your stinkin' store

If the sun refused to shine
on the snotty bookstore people
I'm not sure I'd mind

Bike Riding in a Dress

Written By: Paul Nichols

Me like ride bike
me like wear dress
yeah yeah
yeah yeah

ride bike yeah
wear dress yeah
yeah yeah
yeah yeah

ride bike fast and
wear dress long
sing sing sing
my favorite song

ride bike
wear dress
fun fun fun
yes yes

Bike riding in a dress

I Like Coke

Written By: Paul Nichols

I like coke
I like it a lot
I drink it all of the time

all my best friends drink coke
we drink it at parties
we love it

I hate people who don't drink coke
they are stupid
I can't get over just how stupid they are
people who don't drink coke are stupid

Coke is America


I have released almost all of my music on my website. some tracks that I know received airplay at KALX are, "bookstore", "barbecue", and some others I can't remember. I played live on WOMR in Provincetown, and they played 2 or 3 cuts off of my Rockridge album, "Coffee and Tea", and "Freeway 24", and maybe "Liquor Store".

Set List

My typical setlist is about 20 songs for one hour and 15 minutes.