Paul Fisch

Paul Fisch

 Castro Valley, California, USA

Versatilitly, smoky jazz voice with a little bit of RnB funk, Bluesy acoustic guitar riffs!!!! and whole lotta passion.


My Name is Paul Fisch and I am singer/songwriter. I play Acoustic guitar and sing. My style is versatile , I play cover tunes, originals, and instrumentals of different styles and genera's. When performing my goal is to engage and whooo the audience, or just be back ground music if need be. The most common compliment that i usually get after shows is how i change things up and play different styles with just a Acoustic guitar and my voice. I hungry for some Gigs !!!


I have a face book page in which you can see videos pictures and listen to music.

Set List

Hammer Man- Original
Come together- cover by the beatles(acoustic Version)
You got something-Original
steal my kisses from you- Ben harper
Something to say about taking things slow- Original
Uptown- Original
No women No Cry- by Bob Marley( Acoustic VErsion)
No where fast- Original
Good for your soul- Original
Aint no love in the heart of the city- cover byBobby blue band
La Santa Muerte- Original
Get Back- cover By the beatles