Giblitz Fancy

Giblitz Fancy


Giblitz Fancy plays Fiddle Music to dance to. Original tunes with world music flavours. Celtic, Klezmer, Oldtimey, Mariachi, Bossa Nova, Bluegrass, Soca, Swing , Afro, All rolled up into one.


When planning my wedding I played dozens of tunes for my bride to choose from. She wanted it more like this, but less like that... Finally I figured out I was going to have to compose it myself. "To Have and to Hold" is the result and title track of my first recording. The tunes I play are all dance tunes written to celebrate life, friends and places. It is upbeat music that is designed to make you move. I have played Guitar in African and Carribbean bands, Mandolin in Klezmer bands, Fiddle in Celtic and Contradance groups and I draw from all these to write this orginal music.


To Have and to Hold
Every track on this album has received airplay on a variety of US and Canadian folk shows.

Set List

1. Blueberry Cake / Halloween / Karen’s Coming / The Wind Blew High
2. Egg’s on the Couch / Juanita’s / Two & a Bump
3. Ciaran’s 1st. Contra / Last Minute Polka / Morning Tea
4. The Chief / Eagles on the Rocks / Flying Home to Shelley
5. New Potato / Vasilisa’s Breakdown
6. The Tilted Windmill Waltz
7. Drizzle / Waiting for the Power
8. Giblitz Fancy / Paul’s Dream / Under the Catalpa
9. The Dilemma of Dots / Marshall’s Farewell
10. Birthday Rag / The Grind / Fritz's Frolic
11. The Last One / Cacomistle / Yambu
12. To Have and To Hold

This is over an hours worth of music, it can easily be cut down or increased I have a hundred other tunes. These are mostly sets as they appear on the album.