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The best kept secret in music


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The Carlbanas

EP (2002) Island of Anarchy. Produced by myself at the age of 16. this is when i first practiced poetry and recording techniques with CAKEWALK/SONAR (which i actually stole off the internet illegaly due cause i had no money.)

. i thought of the lyrics while I was forced to mop water off the floor of my dad's house. and while i liked a girl at the time by the name of jessica dethomas.) the rest of the tracks were FIRST TAKES of the songs we'd write together before we seeked avack on the word! in my basement! (which was really just ground level room. >>> i probably sought this kind of studio production since my mom told me Brian Wilson recorded Barbara Ann in his garage!)

everything hadn't come full circle until LAST NIGHT when even i questioned myself! and the carlbanas!) ---- whatta time right ---
i thought off everything i could then tested it on the internet. haha you guys were really fucking with my head cause i could see HADN"T had a biography Carl Banas!


Feeling a bit camera shy


LOUIE LOUIE by Dave Clark

As a kid i was drawn to the subliminal and REAL messages of media. fern gully. Bio Dome - Space Oddysy 2001

i grew on inspiration on the sounds of Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Brian Wilson, Jackie Wilson, B-52s, T. Rex., Walt disney, CHRIS (propagandhi) which exposed me to POLITICS (ill be your bass player!!!!) albert Einstein..(imagination is more important than knowledge), Freud, Iggy Pop, ron Ashston, all which is stooges cause JESUS loves the stooges) >>>> back in the 90's all they played was oldies on the radio-and still do. i was forced to sit in a car traveling back and forth between my dad's and mom's house. Listening to my own fisher price mono-record player. the monaurel sound of its a small world after all - developed my MINDS EYE!

My dad was a huge inspiration to me as a kid since he instilled in me the Beat lifestyle.

I'd stay up late at night watching are you afraid of the dark? and ren and stimpy. He later married two psychos (my so called-moms.)

i borrowed my dad's guitar as a parting gift that i played all the time when i was 12.

the song you'll hear (LOUIELOUIEgc6marijuana) is about your imagination!

the recording of louie louie/gr6/marijuana has a white light/jackie wilson quality since i've been up ALL week when i thought it would be a such a great idea on sunday to experiment with DXM/psychedelic. i KNOOOOOW that my mom stole my guitar tuner! soo i had to tune to the piano.

which really wasn't sooo bad really cause i started listening to EVERYTHING that had a huge impact on my last night as you guys were screwing the system.

my mom tries to fuck me over/just like my horrible high school education. cause they're trying to derive meaning from no meaning.

I wanna do THIS to return the gift!

See the symbolism intertwined in the TV! which was amazing since i was writing down everything in my head which turned out to be 4 days when my mind awoke from the state.

i'd probably be dead right now if i hadn't put on my black leather jacket and thought of (around 6.AM) BORN TO BE WILD!