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The best kept secret in music


"It's Playtime"

By: Steve WildSmith

His name's Paul, and he gets around: You've gotta hand it to acoustic singer-songwriter Paul Hermosa — the dude knows how to get the most mileage out of his business trips.

Here's what you need to know about him — a native of Virginia, he's currently on a solo acoustic tour that incorporates his influences of jazz, funk and rock. In 2005, he released his full-length album, "Not Enough," a disc is brimming with jazzy melodies and thumping rhythms. Plus, he's just a downright friendly guy who turns his shows into an evening with an old friend. - The Daily Times

"Paul Hermosa"

By: Leslie Wylie

Paul Hermosa's soulful guitar and impassioned lyrics might be the perfect background music for a bath. Maybe a bath with jets. And a beer cooler beside it. And a friend in it with you.

Whether he's playing an acoustic solo set or with his full band. Paul's breathy, bluesy rock is sure to steam things up. See for yourself at Agave Azul Mexican Grill on Friday March 16 or Saturday March 17 at 8p.m. Can't wait that long? Go to Brackins in Maryville on Thursday, March 15 at 8p.m. for a free show. BYO bubbles. They'll have the beer. - Metro Pulse

"Singer-Songwriter to Play in Amarillo"

By: Aaron Phillips

Many dreams take a lifetime to reach and many are forgotten. For Paul Hermosa, the time to live his dreams is now. "As far as every day when I wake up, I'm glad," he said. "I'm living my dream right now." That dream is a passion for playing music, and that is something he does every day.

Hermosa will be in Amarillo for three days starting Wednesday for three shows at three different venues - Bourbon Street Cafe, Bodega's and Butler's. "I'm very excited about getting to play there," Hermosa said. Hermosa is based out of Virginia, but has toured extensively since May.

He is largely inspired by his wife and his life experiences. "It's amazing how most of (the songs) always come back to love," Hermosa said. Hermosa is touring solo with an acoustic guitar. "I would describe (the music) as high energy acoustic rock," he said. "There's a little bit of Latin, a little bit of folk and a little bit of blues as well; there's even a slight hint of country." - Get Out Magazine

"Paul Hermosa Charms Dizzy’s Audience"

By: Richard Cone

There’s a lot to be said for being in the right place at the right time when it comes to growing a small nightclub into one of the most well-known musical venues in San Diego. Dizzy’s, at 344 Seventh Avenue, in between Petco Park and the gentrifying Gaslamp district is a great example of that – taking advantage of the increased traffic and focus on that area, Dizzy’s has emerged as one of the premier Jazz venues in San Diego.

But Dizzy’s has been at it since 2000, and is now becoming known as a major venue for music of all kinds.
The prime focus is on the music. There’s no dinner menu, no smoking and no alcohol served at Dizzy’s. Light refreshments are served in a low-key manner, so as not to be a distraction for the performers, or the audience. A drink, if that’s what you need, is not too far away, but alcohol distracts from the music in the opinion of Chuck Perrin, the owner. Perrin has created a unique venue that has seen the likes of guitarist Billy Thompson and the bluegrass improvisations of Sean and Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek) as well as songwriters like Cindy Lee Berryhill, Berkley/Hart and Dave Howard.

Emerging Virginia songwriter, singer and guitarist Paul Hermosa ( is a perfect example of the type of performer being drawn to Dizzy’s. Hermosa, who is on a solo acoustic tour, opened recently for Carlos Olmeda, known for his “tri-cultural” music, different songwriting styles and two languages. And while Olmeda gave a great performance, the audience was charmed by the warm-up set of Paul Hermosa. Effortlessly mixing pop, funk and rock, Hermosa played a short set of what Encore Magazine accurately calls “ear friendly music.” Playing solo with a single acoustic guitar, Hermosa’s songs lean to tender love ballads, but then he hurls a rocker out at the audience and suddenly there’s an edge to his voice that emerges slowly but powerfully. He’s an excellent singer, a soulful guitar player and a lyricist extraordinaire.

Dizzy’s, with its high, open beamed ceiling and original warehouse brick walls was acoustically perfect for Hermosa’s songs. His guitar runs were crystal clear and there was no straining to make out lyrics, even when Hermosa’s voice dropped to a lower level.
Perrin is known for paying his performers a higher percentage of the gate than most of the concert venues. Admission prices are generally a mere $8.00. You can’t find a better value than that anywhere. There are no advance sales of tickets. It’s cash only at the door. However, you can buy your tickets an hour before show time, go in and mark your seats, and then take a walk, go to dinner, or for drinks and return just before the music starts and claim your seat.
Dizzy's is located at 344 Seventh Avenue, between J & K Streets, directly behind the Marriott Gaslamp Hotel and across the street from the center field scoreboard of Petco Park. All the numbered avenues run parallel to each other, so Seventh Avenue is 2 blocks from Fifth Avenue, which is the main thoroughfare for the Gaslamp District's restaurants and clubs. Dizzy’s, with its no alcohol policy, is a family friendly, under 21 venue.
- Presidio Sentinel

"Central Virginia Native Returns to The Ellington Club"

By: Hail Eyes Records

Touring Artist and Central Virginia Native Paul Hermosa will be bringing his all-original acoustic rock music to the Ellington. Paul Hermosa will celebrate the DVD release of one of his latest national concert performances. Sponsored by the American Cancer Society and held on the National Mall in Washington D.C. Celebration on the Hill focused on raising awareness for Cancer Research and celebrated the lives of those touched by Cancer. “It was an amazing opportunity to perform for such a prestigious event in our Nation‘s capital. It‘s hard to put into words the emotions that overcame me when I walked through the ‘Wall of Hope’ and remembered all of those that had lost their battle with Cancer”, said Hermosa of his participation in the historic event. The DVD features the performance of “Paul Hermosa and Friends”, an ensemble specially arranged for the event. Paul says, “When it came time to pick a name for the act, it was easy. They are talented musicians and great friends!”

In recent months, Paul has played a number of historic hot-spots, gaining admission into the world of some of underground music’s most exclusive venues. His East Coast Tour “Not Enough“ has landed him at Nectar’s, where Phish and others got their start, as well as the Dizzy Rooster, a famed stage featured on MTV’s The Real World – Austin. Also, garnering experience in Eddie’s Attic, the home stage of both John Mayer and Sugarland, Hermosa honed his easy, melodic sound. Recently, he opened for Grammy winning songwriter Tommy Crane, and Encore Pub Magazine likened his charismatic skill to legendary acoustic acts Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

Now, back in Lynchburg after six months on the road, Hermosa looks forward to bringing his new experiences and unique sound to the city he calls home before hitting the road again in ‘07. One of the many talented musicians Paul has met on the road is Jake Troth. Jake will be supporting the Paul Hermosa & Friends show at the Ellington by creatively blending his old-school acoustic folk with new school electronica. For ticket information, visit For more information on Paul Hermosa, visit: & - Press Release

"Proud Sounds: Paul Hermosa Strum at Kefi"

By: Ben Brown

While there’s little ground to break in the singer/songwriter realm, there’s still an endless current of intrigue with the iconic pioneers, like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, John Prine and Donovan. These instantly identifiable voices still sing today, and we have no complaints to hinder them. They keep alive the ability to go out there on one’s lonesome, and inspire others to look at their own souls and sing about whatever they’ve got inside.

Born of such breeding, Lynchburg, VA’s, Paul Hermosa is now touring the region without his usual gang of backing musicians. That’s right, he is going it alone—solo, as an individual, unafraid, and he’s penciled in for Thursday, August 31 at Kefi (2012 Eastwood Road.). If you dig the traditional solo acoustic singer/songwriter set-up, you’re surely going to enjoy his ear-friendly compositions, not to mention his engaging personality. Without such charm, the likes of Dylan and Young may never have changed the songwriting world.

Paul Hermosa’s approach to songwriting gives him broad appeal, sewing in the accessible details of jazz, country, rock, funk and all things catchy. Stretching the limits of improvisation and tightening the often non-existent connection between audience and artist, Paul has every good intention taking his act on the road.

“We enjoy the music; people enjoy the music,” Paul said. “To be able to get out and play our music and have people enjoy it and dance to it makes me proud.”

He also enjoys dodging the stigma that accompanies acoustic and solo musicianship, which often carries the “cover band” label. While he’s certainly able to squeeze in a cover song or two at a live show, he prides himself in being an original artist. With his proper band format, he has released a self-titled EP and a new full-length album, Not Enough, both showcasing a run of original tunes.

Their recorded material has been working well with critics, too. A review from CD Baby says, “The album deftly flows from soulful serenades to blazing instrumental excursions. The songs will no doubt inspire equal amounts of singing along and wide-mouth amazement. Catchy, yet earnest, the album represents a leap forward not only for the band, but for the Lynchburg music scene as well.”

But regardless of the studio sentiments, all the work reverts back to the payoff of face-to-face delivery. “Being in front of a live audience is where we feel most comfortable,” Paul explains.

“I love working in the studio, too, but there’s nothing like a live show. There’s an energy and a vibe to it.”

While the rush of a live show is what Paul and his associates live for, getting there isn’t easy. The twenty-six-year-old works his tail to the bone. As a former touring musician, I can relate to the responsibilities adulthood piles on, and I find it admirable to see someone making it work. I’ll say it again: getting there isn’t easy.

Show your respect for Paul’s hard work at his Kefi performance by picking up a copy of his new album, Not Enough, and have fun with his engaging approach to live entertainment.

For more info on this and other shows at Kefi, visit - Encore Pub Magazine

"Paul Hermosa & Friends Rock the National Mall"

By: American Cancer Society

After the loss of a close friend to cancer, Paul was inspired to use his talents to raise awareness and support for the cause. The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life event quickly became one of the staple items in the smorgasbord of Paul's annual charity events.

His all original set list ranges from rock rhythms to soulful ballads. He has serenaded audiences at legendary venues from Nectar's in Burlington, Vermont to The Dizzy Rooster in Austin, Texas. - The American Cancer Society


DayBreak (2007): Set to release in FALL 2007, Daybreak is an Acoustic Album filled with audience-tested songs, mostly written while on tour. Fans are anticipating the ever-so-ear-friendly fresh & funky acoustic guitar that takes center-stage on this album.

Album "Not Enough" (2005): The album deftly flows from soulful serenades to blazing instrumental excursions. The songs will no doubt inspire equal amounts of singing along and wide-mouth amazement. Catchy, yet earnest, the album represents a leap forward not only for Paul, but for the Central Virginia music scene as well.

EP (2003): Recorded in late 2003, the EP was intended to showcase a wide range of musical and lyrical territory. From the bliss of being in love to the sting of domestic violence, the EP is brimming with smooth tempo changes and intense buildups. The sessions express the high energy that bursts from all of Paul's endeavors. With little to no overdubbing or extraneous production, the recording conveys a glimpse of Paul's abilities in a live setting.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Virginia native Paul Hermosa brings his unique brew of acoustic rock to every show. Backed by Hail Eyes Records, Paul is currently embarking on a solo acoustic tour.

The personal nature of his concerts gives audiences the opportunity to experience Paul’s lyrical and musical range on an intimate level. Incorporating jazz, funk and rock, Paul’s style is instantly accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Paul Hermosa’s all original set list ranges from rock rhythms to soulful ballads. Being seen in famed music cities across the country, from Nashville, TN to Hollywood, CA, Paul has serenaded audiences at legendary venues from Nectar’s in Burlington, VT to the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Encore Magazine Raves, “You’re surely going to enjoy his ear-friendly compositions, not to mention his engaging personality.”

News & Advance exclaims, “There’s nothing like a live show, there’s an energy and a vibe to it.”

Paul is no stranger to benefit shows, playing for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and the Women’s Junior League have been staple items on the ever-changing list of annual charity events.

In 2005, Paul Hermosa released his full length album titled “Not Enough.” The disc is brimming with jazzy melodies and thumping rhythms. The engineer on the project was music industry veteran Jim Ure. Jim has worked with artists from Tori Amos to the Dave Matthews Band. Jim truly captured the energy of the live experience that shines through on the recording.