Paul Hickey

Paul Hickey


I am a singer/songwriter with a distinct "Dublin City" sound. When I perform I sing my songs with a simple raw emotion. I sing songs of love, anger, regret, social comment and joy. I live through each song as I sing them.


Paul Hickey began his musical life in Marino, Dublin where, at school, he played a tea chest bass. He went from there to form "The Alsatians" in the late 70's. This was a 7 piece rock band featuring a 3 man brass section.
The Alsatians recorded on the Libra Label and there most memorable song was the Irish hit"5 honours an a 175" a comment on "the leaving certificate (a level) exam.
2002 saw the release of Paul's debut solo album "Cheap Cabaret". This album was produced on a shoestring but got some good reviews, nonetheless.
Coolhouse is his, soon to be released second album. This album came into being after almost 2 years of care and consideration and is available on his website



Written By: Paul Hickey

Way down in the Coolhouse
Warm night on the town
Sat sippin' a long neck
Red skin turnin' brown
Saw you in the shadows
Soft glow on your skin
Way down in the Coolhouse
So good to hold you again

They Say It's in GOD We Trust

Written By: Paul Hickey

They whisper of scandal
They beat on their breasts
They walk in their bare feet
Up mountains to test
Not human endurance but spiritual wealth
And They say it's in GOD we trust

They tell of the scholar's
That sailed overseas
And told half the world
To get down on it's knees
To pray for salvation
Escape from damnation
And they say it's in GOD we trust

Their back yard is muddy
Their fireplace is black
They wrap up their sins
In a white refuse sack
And disown their children for an unholy act
And they say it's in GOD we trust

My Love and Me

Written By: Paul Hickey

My love and me
Walk through the fields
Just leave us alone
Just let us be
Under a clear blue sky
My love and me

My love and me
In the evening breeze
Just hide us away
Just give us some peace
Under a bright, bully moon
My love and me

My love and me
Find a path to please the mind
My love and me
Leave the big, bad world behind

When we come back
My love and me
We're so relaxed
Won't you let us be


1st album "Cheap Cabaret" received airplay on local and national radio.
2nd Album Coolhouse, although not yet released has received some national airplay so far.

Set List

Set list at the moment consist mainly of the songs from my new album Coolhouse. I can do gigs from 40 miutes to 75 minutes depending on what is required.
Set list:
1. My love and Me
2. Heuston Station
3. Sometimes
4. If I could Sail That Ocean Again
5. Teach Me To Fly
6. Watch Out Love
7. See You Again
8. Live before you Die
9. Revolution on Their Minds
10. Coolhouse
12. In God We Trust.
12. 5 Honours and a 175
13. Cheap Cabaret.