We are a collaboration of classic rock and relevant pop.Birthed from the mere ashes of the grunge movement we retain a certain modernized version of quality rock as well.


I grew up on 60's,70's, and 90's music.Take all of that cram it together and you get what every band is covering or incorporating nowadays, however not writing or creating it. I think we also have a strong appeal to both young and older males and females due to our roots and capability of modernizing the classics.I was in many bands before, I still am actually. However one day I decided to utilize what songs my band wasn't, and that became this which turned into a band.


Oh No I Gotta Go Home

Written By: Paul Fernandez

dropped my meds. in the parking lot
as you know thats the worst spot
as I sat with my car in park i thought
oh no here comes those thoughts
oh no those dangerous thoughts
without my meds. they say i'm insane
I start reading at the back of a page
begin a movie with the final scene
oh no I'm a catastrophe
and my friends call me New Orleans
and we say and we say
that these feelings just won't ever
and we say yeah we say
that these feelings just wont ever go away
and it wont go away
no it wont go away
and they can so they dont
they dont stop till we say so
and I want to escape this place no wait
like a bird or a train or a plane on my way
I escape on the next rainy day maybe
mistakes that made us insane
escape attempts came a little too late
and i know whats at stake when i escape
so i face this chase its make or break
I escape with my legs they won me first in the race

Common Vision

Written By: Que Cera

A three part question following
remember to answer entirely
and the steps we take everyday
we erase them all away
I've got a lot to say
and even more to explain
these days our words
seem less important anyway
and I've been waiting for you
to tell me that its true
and whn you see them do their dance
you know that they are wicked
we lack the common vision
dont think that we're askin
for permission

Thats What They Say

Written By: Que Cera

thats what people will say
when they find
that you've flown down from space
thats what they'll say
when they find out that you've
seen those blues and greys
please my dear come home soon
cause I'm gettin real bored
waitin for you
I guess as it seems that I'm after you
I've just passed that moon
please my dear come home soon
cause I'm gettin real high waiting for you
I guess as it seems that I'm after you
just passed that moon nd now I make my move
please my dear come up soon
cause you've been drownding at the bottom of the pool
I guess as it seems I'm diving in
head first to the deep end
and I hope the water exits your lungs
and your body breaths up on its own
get yourself back to the moon girl
so you can finally know your home

Hurricane Emily

Written By: Paul Fernandez

I dreaded a day like this
I dreaded the storm that came rolling in
watching my tvset
theirs clouds on the horizon
but theirs a violent hurricane wind
and her pressure will always win
when no wall will
theirs no muscle too stiff
and i'd find a crack within
and i'd make it split just to exit through it
just to see past her furious energy
oh sweet hurricane emily
the minute she touched down
the mess she left could be seen all around
but only for a bit
she vanished with a blink of my eyelids
but theirs a violent hurricane wind
and her pressure will always win
when more boats are on land
I mite be the one guy she'd grab
and I dig and I dig my way
tunneling systems like that shit came natural to me

The Exploding Man

Written By: Paul Fernandez

whoops I came close again
almost caused another explosion
my friends should have seen it coming
man look at them run
we are the youth that had it
we give it up we give it up
we are the youth that helped destroy it from the inside out
an invisible man floating
look at that power in his hand
look at the emotion exploding
here it comes the powers I hold within
to save men women and children
this mite be demons this mite be destiny calling wake up and make up the ending
is this their savior is this something i want
what makes him special when I got what he's got
this mite be difficult like hunting down an animal
brother vs brother its almost biblical
the world is full of hypocrites
should i even choose to save it or quit
but its time to do something unexpected now
what would mama say knowing I've outgrown her name
no ordinary grey
I'm the most special person to have come this way
give it up and it all goes away in order to fight the good fight and die another day

You Know You Always

Written By: Paul Fernandez

he tripped to the bottom of a well
she knew exactly how he fell
so she came just to help him get through
and the next time that you fall i swear that I'll catch you
well i'll catch you and I swear that we''ll make it through
so pending the ending
lets make it end with you
you hate it when he's like this
and he's always got an excuse
well excuse me while you choose what exit to use
oh please stop to think
these mite be the reasons
for why we sink
just another iceberg in our wake
and if the whole wide world could hold it would you say it was broken
you know you always go on your own
you know you always go your own way
no you dont stay you just go
my skeletons are creeping in
your innocence is wearing out
act like the rest i must confess
i hate myself when i make you shout
your giant walls are way too tall for me to climb so now i fall
you said in stone I'm not alone and now things will never be the same

I Felt the Earth Crack

Written By: Paul Fernandez

I felt the earth crack
the day I heard she left
I dont know how I predicted it
and I've already wandered off the path
already seen whats coming next
already conquered the next continent
and now I look on to the next best thing
and now I look onward I'm about manifest destiny
so I discard the consequence
as I tiptoe across the glass
till I'm increasing my footsteps
and I wonder
will I follow her to any depth
I'm simply going off her scent
god only knows I need the rest
but her anchors just pull me under
and now I look on


We work out of garageband, recorded with two of the three brothers from Biohazard at their studio Underground Sound Studios. Nothing has gotten much streaming or airplay but occasionally yes for this band and my other one.

Set List

We dont do too many covers I'm not a cover buff but as far as our songs we complete a 20min. set with a song or two left over.It usually comes down to five or six songs depending on the crowd and if we should leave them wanting more.