Paulie Rhyme (Solganix)

Paulie Rhyme (Solganix)

 Daly City, California, USA
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PAULIE RHYME (Paul Richardson) is a Bay Area based; Cleveland bred emcee who rocks for and with the people. RHYME currently fronts the live Hip Hop, Soul, Funk outfit, SOLGANIX, which has been gigging steadily throughout the Bay Area over the past year and are working on their first Ep.


PAULIE RHYME (Paul Richardson) is a Bay Area based; Cleveland bred emcee, giving people music that touches mind, body, spirit, and soul. Putting in work in the indie circuit for a good portion of this decade, Rhyme has worn many hats in the industry before finding his calling in front of the mic. As front man for live alternative Hip Hop outfits FINLESS BROWN and MILES OUTSIDE, Paulie Rhyme would hone his craft and his style on the stage and on the road, doing shows in the US, Canada, and Japan. This would show itself his 12” releases with Hip Hop legends DJ LORD JAZZ (LOTUG) and PRINCE PO (ORGANIZED KONFUSION), as well as the LESS THAN ZERO mix tape series, a project presented by acclaimed tastemaker, radio/mix tape DJ MICK BOOGIE (VIVA LA HOVA, SIRIUS) that features collaborations with RAASHAN AHMAD (CCR), DJ VINROC, KEELAY & ZAIRE, KING MOST, KNOBODY, REY RESURRECCION, and more.

Being based in the BAY AREA, CA would prove to be an invaluable experience for RHYME and in 2007, RHYME would release PUBLIC RADIO, a collaborative effort with SF producer DEEDOT, featuring appearances by RASCO (CALI AGENTS), TABLEEK (MASPYKE), and MOTO. PUBLIC RADIO would hit #9 on the CMJ Hip Hop charts, and the single, SQUARED CIRCLE, would be nominated for 2009 Hip Hop Song of the Year by Just Plain Folks. 2009 also saw release of the DJ SLY project, BEYOND IT, with PAULIE RHYME featured on the single "LIKE YOU" with KAORU, which reached 4 on ITunes Japan Top Hip Hop Chart, with the album reaching #10 on the Hip Hop Album Chart. RHYME would continue to plant his roots in the international market working with Austria’s SOUNDTRUCK, Canada’s ATHERTON, Norway’s HANDYCAT, Japan’s TOFUBEATS & KAZAHAYA, and delving into the Dubstep/DnB arena with BACHELOR’S OF SCIENCE’S LUKEINO with the song, THE KEY.

Not one to rest on his laurels, RHYME has recently starting gigging with his new band, SOLGANIX, that will continue to blur the lines of Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Rock, and Jazz. He has also reconnected with DEEDOT to work on a new PUBLIC RADIO project, releasing the single, TRANS, at the end of 2012. In addition, PAULIE RHYME takes pride in not just talking the talk, but walking the walk. He understands that while the message is music is powerful, your actions are as well. When not making music, PAULIE RHYME teaches middle school and works closely with local organizations like TEACH WITH AFRICA, who send teachers to South Africa, as well as bring South African teachers to the states to exchange best practices for the betterment of the global community.


Lps and Eps

Less Than Zero Volume 2 (2012)
The Talented Tenth Ep (2011)
Jose Mateo Ep (2010)
Less Than Zero (2009)
Midheaven (2009) with Joe Dukes
Dusk till Dawn Ep (2008) via TRC/Crosstalk Distribution
Public Radio (2007) with Dj Deedot via Burnside Physical as well.
The PDA Ep (2006)

* All releases distributed by Burnside Distribution (Digital) and CDbaby (Physical) in US unless noted.

Set List

Our sets are typically 30- 45 minutes and vary based on the type of show we are playing and with who. We have played sets longer and have enough material to play 2 45 minute sets. We play mostly original material, but have been known to break into an old school hip hop or trip hop song here and there. Times for our songs often vary as well, cause we will extend the songs based on the crowds response, so a 3 minute song could turn into an 6-7 minute freestyle, jam session.

Set Example:

Intro Freestyle


Block 4 Block

Bullet Holes

Love (You Found)

Each One Teach One


Komodo Spit

Squared Circle

In addition, we have the ability to bring a dj with an unlimited catalog who can spin sets from hip hop, soul, r&b, or funk sets of 45-60 minutes or more.