Pauline Maudy

Pauline Maudy


From world music to rock, Pauline's charismatic versatility has no limit. Her theatre background has armed her with a natural presence, her world travels have made her wise beyond her age, and her voice - sensual at times and powerful more often than not - is irresistible.


Pauline was born in Paris, France, and settled in Australia in 1995. She has been singing from a young age, but started her professional singing career in 2004. In the last 4 years she has built a solid reputation on the scene.

The varying partnerships across genres have served her well. They have equipped her with sturdy song-writing and improvisation skills. She has learned to use her voice to encompass an ever-expanding range of styles and sounds.

Her voice is instantly recognisable- gutsy and powerful, although light and full of sensibility at times. Her lyrics are deep and ironic, her songs honest. At the moment you can catch her as the front-woman of:

• Indie-rock band Daisy May
• World music outfit Mzaza (EP to be released in 2008)
• Genre-hoppers Starscream13 (EP to be released in 2008)
• Eccentric pop-rock duo Radio Silence

In Brisbane she has performed for the Valley Fiesta, the Qld Muticultural Festival, the Powerhouse, Metro Arts, Rics, the Tivoli, The Zoo, The Globe, The Red Room, Kaliber, Jorge on George, The Alley…


Look Over (single 2004) - airplay on Planet Radio and available on internet until 2005.

Mzaza Demo (2006) - airplay on 4EB and Planet Radio

Daisy May Demo (2007)

Mzaza EP (to be released second half of 2008)

Starscream EP (to be released second half of 2008)

Set List

Usual set is 45mins. This is flexible.