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“This is the perfect disc for a fan of great lyrics and sweet melodies. Everything about this album is worth taking the time to hear. He’s got that magic happening and knows how to write great songs. “Open Heart Stories” is one of my favorite CD’s of 2004”
Susie Mudd, Music Monthly

“With well-crafted lyrics and melodies, this CD is full of numerous gems, speaks of hope, truth to self, and the power of friends and communities. It bears eloquent witness to the values he has upheld in Baltimore for more than a decade.”
Bob Steele, Baltimore Outloud

“Open Heart Stories is a thoroughly enjoyable CD that skirts between pop, folk rock and a few other styles with equal aplomb and has all the elements that, in a perfect world, would make a hit record. Sometimes sounding like Matthew Sweet, sometimes like John Prine, these tunes are instantly likeable. Iwancio has created an album of very well-written and performed songs. Surrounding himself with some great musicians and vocalists, Iwancio always kept my interest because no two songs really sound the same. From soaring electric guitar to gentle mandolin, jazzy to country, they’re adept at them all. Paul delivers a very solid album that’s filled with mature songwriting and confident playing. It reflects its title in the fact that it is a very personal offering, but one that certainly should be shared with others.” Michael Macey, Chesapeake Music Guide

“Paul’s beautiful, generous spirit shines through all these songs”
Sloan Wainwright, Teacher and Recording Artist

“Take writing that is classic storytelling with a message. Blend with melodies that are indisputably hooky. Decorate with exellent guitar work, dynamic percussion and layered backing vocals. Sprinkle sparingly with drum loops and effects. Sing with agile pleasing male voice. What you end up with is Paul Iwancio’s “Open Heart Stories”. It has great energy throughout, giving good advice and messages with outhe every being heavy handed or preachy. You will likely enjoy this CD’s catchy melodies and great playing, but don’t say I didn’t warn you that you might actually learn something and come away feeling better for the rest of the day” Stacey Board, The Muse’s Muse

“Armed with an acoustic guitar and sincere songs in pop arrangements, this singer-songwriter sings of love and finding inner strength. His voice is perfect for the material -- folky with a bit of a quaver hinting at vulnerability. "The Revolution Begins Inside of You" uses clothing metaphors to encourage the listener to "lead your own parade." The pop/jazz "Perfect Enough for You" is a duet with the lovely-voiced Nita Paul-Calliahn while "Morning Glory" is a folky number, also about love. Not all is sweetness and light, as evidenced in the angry "Standing in the Shadows of the Big Man." The simply produced cuts were my favorites, like the sweet love song "My Oasis." Jamie Anderson, Minor7th

”They say that life often imitates art. One look at the cover art of "Open Heart Stories" by Paul Iwancio (pronounced "eye-wans-see-oh"), and you’ll see that this is no exception. Kicking back wearing his jean jacket and colorful scarf, guitar in hand, and a smile on his face, you are instantly invited into his world of carefree lyrics and melodious ballads. The entire CD is composed of free flowing, delicate harmonies, oozing like warm molasses as Paul sings without a care in the world about love, life, and acceptance. Occasionally backed up by guest vocalists, it's easy to understand why Paul is also the President and Founder of The Baltimore Songwriters Association. He draws on his songwriting skills to bring a delicate balance to the vivacious mix of
acoustic guitar, piano, percussion, mandolin, drums, and harmonica. Paul's musical persona is unveiled with his folk torch voice in this refreshingly original CD. This by far is one of my personal favorite CD’s. Each time I pop it in, I instantly feel relaxed and find myself tapping my foot to the beat of the catchy lyrics. "Open Heart Stories" is contagious! You will find yourself engrossed and held captive by Paul's smooth, comfortable, and alluring voice. This is one CD you won't want to miss out on!” Reviewed by Heather Corcoran,

“Whether he’s singing a plaintive acoustic ballad or rocking out a bit, Iwancio conveys his imagery with a blues sensibility that diffuses the occasional weighty subject matter. Iwancio has assembled a cabal of Baltimore’s finest to bring his compositions to life. The result is a disc which sates this listener’s appetite for catchy tune-smithery and lyrical content which is smart without being too smart.” Bob Frapples, Music Monthly

“’Lovely’ is not a word thrown around much here at UMBC, but it is the only truly fitting adjective to describe Paul Iwancio’s performance. He plays beautifully and thoughtfully and the music is infectious and likeable.”
Sarah Pevner, UMBC - Various Publication-see credits


Open Heart Stories-debut CD



Paul Iwancio is a native of Baltimore, MD. Paul is the founder and president emeritus of The Baltimore Songwriters Association. He has won songwriting awards from the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest, The Great American Song Contest, a finalist at the Avalon Music Festival and a semi-finalist at The NewSong Festival.