Paul J. Watkins

Paul J. Watkins

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I combine original spoken-word pieces with original music in a variety of genres. I don't sound like anyone else, and my work doesn't have mainstream appeal. But if you're looking for something different and unique that will get your imagination soaring and your foot tapping, my work is for you!


I was the quiet kid at the back of your classroom. I was the outsider who never fit in. But I was busy nonetheless. I was observing you then, and I'm observing you now. I am distilling your experience through my talent and offering it back to you so you will better understand yourself. And the better you understand yourself, the better you will understand me. Or perhaps it's the other way around... I've always wanted to be known for doing something and doing it well. I was never good at sports or art or being popular. But when I discovered words, I knew I'd found the area in which I could excel. And when I got on stage, I knew I'd found my home. And when I walked into a recording studio, I knew I'd found the laboratory where I could create passionately. I am Superman and Clark Kent. I am a contradiction. And I am still the outsider. It's fun on the outside. Play my CD and join me there...


DRIVE (CD - Coming September 16, 2006!)
Gold Standard (2005 CD sampler)
"No Conformity" (heard on Podcast #53)
All Things To All People (CD - 2003)
"Better" (heard on 88.5FM WMNF)
Thoughts from Seclusion (CD - 2000)
"The Office At the End of the Hall" (heard on
"Put the Onions Back On" (heard on
"Ybar City" (single; heard on 88.5FM WMNF)
Scrapbook (CD - 1998)

Set List

"Scrapbook," "Put the Onions Back On," "Better," "Bubble and Pin," "The Office At the End of the Hall."

Set length varies according to the time allotted.