Paul Kuzbik Trio

Paul Kuzbik Trio


Blurring the line between rock and folk, and singing songs of peace in a time of war and environmental turmoil, roots musician Paul Kuzbik is carving out a sound, and a path, that is all his own.


Paul Kuzbik is a singer, guitarist, songwriter, and producer. But that's just the beginning. Rooted deeply in his home province of Saskatchewan, many people know him also as a friend. To his family, Paul is a son, brother, and husband. To his fans, Paul is a gifted artist who is committed to his cause. Concerned with the wars of today and the environmental challenges our world faces, Paul spreads a message of the importance of peace and tolerance through his songs, and personal life. Paul has successfully toured Western Canada, Chile, and Argentina in 2007, playing smaller venues, and placing importance on low-impact travel. With the future and sustainability in mind, Paul Kuzbik is someone who is taking action against the challenges his generation faces.


Paul Kuzbik - The Nature of Time 2006