Paul Lamoureux

Paul Lamoureux

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Paul Lamoureux is unique smooth jazz artist who plays saxophone and keyboard and sings his own original songs. Canadian-born and educated in the USA (North Texas State), his well-crafted songs speak of universal themes that everyone can relate to. His instrumentals are melodic and well-produced.


Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and educated in the USA (North Texas State) with a Master's degree in music. As a professional musician, he has backed up stars (Robert Goulet, Flip Wilson, Frank Sinatra Jr.) and played pit musicals (Jesus Christ Superstar, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Full Monty). Started writing songs at a young age and lived in Nashville, TN for 2 years. Paul owns his own record label: Lam-Chops Records and publishing company Lam-Chops Music. Performing rights society is SOCAN (Canada). Paul's originals cross over between Smooth Jazz, AAA, Adult Contemporary, and New Age, and Singer/Songwriter category. Influences: Earth Wind & Fire, Al Jarreau, Chaka Khan, Kenny G., Spyro Gyra, Toto, Manhattan Transfer, The Rippingtons, Michael Brecker, David Sanborn, Sinatra, Tom Jones, Stan Getz, Dexter Gordon. Paul believes that the pop music reached a height of sophistication in the late 70's and early 80's and has never been as good since.


I'm a Fan!

Written By: Paul Lamoureux

VS. 1
I'm not the centre of attraction
But I'm a part of the game.
The players provide the action,
But I'm the reason for their fortune and fame.
No, I don't get any glory
But I always do what I can
To share in the loss and the victory.
I'm a part of the game plan.

I'm a V-I-P
I'm the M-V-P
I'm an F-A-N

I'm a Fan!
Yeah, I'm a Fan!
I'm a real noisemaker
I'm the true tie-breaker
I'm a Fan!
Yeah, I'm a Fan!
And from my head to my toes,
Everyone knows where I stand.
Yeah, I'm a Fan...

VS 2
I sit way up in the cheap seats
Section G, Row 10, seat 7
I like to scream and shout
Till my voice gives out
So they'll show me on the sports at eleven.
I give 'em hell where they're lady
But I'm there when the going gets tough.
In overtime, I just go crazy!
And when we win, I just can't get enough, whoa no!



And when we're losin'
I just get bolder
I'm loud and proud
I'm a season- ticket - holder!


And I know that it shows
Everyone knows I'm a FAN!


Written By: Paul Lamoureux

Instrumental -NO LYRICS


Paul Lamoureux (self-titled CD) 1994
Scenario (CD) 1997
Zing-Zing-a-Zing! (CD -smooth jazz versions of French-Canadian folk songs) 2004
Decaf Life (CD -in production: to be released December 2008)

Several cuts have received airplay on radio, some have been licensed as source music for TV and production music libraries -all non-exclusive.

Set List

A mix of instrumental and vocal songs, customized to the audience demographic and energy level. The newest album (Decaf Life) will include 3 covers.

Zing Zing-a-Zing! -sax instrumental
The Quarter Star (sax instrumental)
Decaf Life (new/original/vocal)
Dreamer's Holiday (new/original/vocal)
Imaginary Love (new/original/vocal)
Laughter in the Rain (new/cover/sax instrumental)
Daylight Katy (new/cover/wind instrumental)
One Sunday Afternoon (new/original/flute instr.)
State of Grace (new/original/keyboard)
Damage Control (sax instrumental)

ENCORES: Bonsoir les amis (sax/vocal)
L'Espion/The Spy