Paul Lynde Fan Club

Paul Lynde Fan Club


We play sonic, sometimes hypnotic guitar pop ranging from punk to rock to soul. We want you to think our songs are covers. We don't want you to know what to expect as far as content goes.


PLFC formed as a two-piece in 2004 with Scott joining in the fall of 2005.
We all contribute to the writing.
Some stuff we like: VU, Sabbath, GBV, The Clash, The Vapors, Nirvana, Bowie, The Stones and new stuff like The Vines, Wolfmother, Unnatural Helpers, Visqueen and Neko Case.
The question is; 'what sets you apart?' I'm blushing! We like the wild edge we have to our sound. We try to remember the things that another band might dismiss as screwing around.
We wield giant phalluses and beat on artificial animal skins and try to recognize the humor in that.
We've all been playing for a lot of years in bands such as Pure Joy, Chemistry Set and The Model Rockets. There are elements of all those bands in our current sound.


We have 1 LP released: Paul Lynde Fan Club/ Book Records 2006/produced by Kurt Bloch

Set List

This is the list from our last set:

F Bastards
Suck You Dry(Mudhoney)
Freaks & Geeks
On The Line(New)
Spell On You(weird version with some original words)
You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine(Lou Rawls)
El Paso Graveyard

This was a set we played on 12/18/06. It was 35-40 minutes long.