Paul Mark & the Van Dorens

Paul Mark & the Van Dorens

 New York, New York, USA

Paul Mark's 10th CD release, STOWAWAYS, goes on sale in late 2015...Based out of NYC, Mark's original piano ballads and wheezing cabaret oddities slice into the midnight fog like bummed cigarettes and cut-rate bourbon. Cutting-edge songwriting with street-wise instincts to spare from an industry veteran.


Roots rock afficianados will tell you that Paul Mark is one artist for whom songwriting really matters. Mark's 10th CD, Stowaways (RDTN 5949), is a much-anticipated follow-up to his band's highly-touted 2012 release Smartest Man in the Room (RDTN 5929). Barroom tested and road-weary tuff, Paul Mark combines stellar songwriting and riveting stage presence with blithe disregard for the tepid conformity of today’s corporate music playlists.

This is emotional, thinking-person’s music, with Mark's raspy singer/songwriter sensibility tapping into the Americana legacy of cabaret, soul, and rock’n roll.

Praise for Paul Mark's earlier releases:

"[Mark] pulls off a tour de force of blues guitar…His writing of lyrics discloses a strong-minded wit and intelligence."
Downbeat Magazine, April 2012

"…a bluesy R&B set that feels as funky and spontaneous as [Memphis’] finest music… the performances are consistently inspired…Mark’s lyrics go places other blues-based artists just don¹t try... Mark knows his way around the guitar, and his understated approach is unusual for a six-string frontman."
Blues Revue magazine

"Trick Fiction, recorded in Memphis at Ardent Studios, is jam-packed with killer guitar and some of the coolest lyrics we've heard in quite some time!...A definite breath of fresh air on the blues scene, Paul Mark and the Van Dorens have hit it big with Trick Fiction."
- Music City Blues Society, Nashville TN

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Written By: Paul Mark

There's a cold cruel current swirls the seven seas
It always steers you back from whence you came
Noah sailed not for divine accord
But to simply get away

The midnight chimes claim that all is well
City clocks strike loudest when they're wrong
Stow away with me 'neath the stars tonight
And we'll drift as one at dawn

Stow away
Stow away with me
The moon will guide our flight
Stow away
Stow away with me
We sail at morning light

The turnstiles at the factory
Won't count our steps any more
The clerks have won the battle
But we shall win the war

Off the stern the steeples and the docks recede
A desperate carnival of charlatans and heirs
Mark the maps and careers, they flutter up then disappear
Like the crows on Highway 9

- Chorus -

So toss off your notebooks and cast away your prayers
Pack only your canvases and songs
We'll master the waves, forty nights and days
Till the tides shift and send us back where we belong

- Chorus -

© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Stowaways by Paul Mark & the Van Dorens.

How Do the Blind Become So Famous?

Written By: P.Mark

Just between us, because I trust you
Let me ask, how do the blind become so famous?
They claim they've seen it all
No fact too large or small
Truth be told they can't even find the door

At the crosswalk they click their silly canes
Offer an arm and they dismiss you with disdain
How can the deformed, the sightless, parade so proud and righteous?
To those with eyes the injustice is so plain

Let's raise a glass to those left on the outside
Forever silent, forever nameless
To the millions aghast at the theater
Muted witness to the horror on life's stage
Condemned to suffer through the antics of the few
Someone tell me how do the blind become so famous?

I am never so bedeviled, vexed, speechless
As when I wonder, how do the deaf become so famous?
Oh they pretend they’ve heard
But they miss every other word
Then lecture on about cruelty and beauty

They go on endlessly about symphonies
Despite the absence of one good clue
If for a moment their ears
Were miraculously cleared
They'd hear the peddlers snickering all around them

- Chorus -

Try to imagine pigs could fly
Or that dogs could learn to drive
Suppose that chimps somehow were winning elections
What if a bear could solo on trombone?
Or answer the telephone?
Why it makes a mockery of natural selection

I am humble, I know my limitations
So it's fair to do the dull become so famous?
They flash across the screen, show up in magazines
You’d think stupidity was their sole qualification
They can't tell crap from Christmas, can't tell left from right
Put on the spot they know not king from queen nor rook from knight
They spout as revelation the tritest observation
Then scan the horizon like peacocks of genius

- Chorus -

© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Stowaways by Paul Mark & the Van Dorens.


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Paul Mark's performance sets are comprised almost entirely of ORIGINAL songs from his CDs.