Paul Melia

Paul Melia

 Sligo, Connaught, IRL

My music I would describe as experimental/pop/rock/classical really anytime of music to that I want to make.It is powerful and moving whimsical and serious,sad and happy its everything music whould be and thats creative


Paul Melia is a 22 year old composer,musician,arranger,singer and producer…his music has been described as rock/pop,experimental to classical and once you hear the different songs you can see why and I think one fan described the music in a good way “the music is moving something in my mind,I even don’t know what but its pleasant”which is different and good way to describe the music that Paul is creating. In the live situation things are different with an array of great musicans Nial Conway(Keys),Danny Carthy(Keys,Laptop,backing singing),Steve Battle(Drums) The band have played in various places in Ireland including Temple Bar Music Centre,Pravda,Boom Boom Room and Crawdaddy supporting Friends and great Irish band Saso and also played a great gig in Krakow in Poland which Paul says was one of the best. Summer looks good for the boys with gigs in Europe.Pauls myspace page has also been getting more plays than bands that are signed which is shows that people are really loving the music everyday message pour in asking where they can buy the album or is there one yet which shows that there is a great need and space for this original music.Paul has also been asked to appear in an independent music documentary which shows the impact his music has on people Its amazing the attension the music is getting lots interest from music labels not only in Ireland but all over the world including USA which to Paul is amazing,but the plan is as Paul says is to keep playing and hopefully record and album soon, as there is a great album waiting to come out

Set List

Typical set list is around 1 hour 15 mins of all original material i have wrote