Paul Melia

Paul Melia


Colourful,Big,Anthemic,Pop/Rock/Orchestral Music.


Paul Melia releases his debut album Hold Onto The Colours in 2013. The album title is a direct reference to the colourful world of sound through synesthesia which Paul inhabits.
The album was written, produced,arranged including orchestral arrangements by Paul.Most instruments were played by Paul.Drum duites were handled by Johnny Boyle(The Frames,Picturehouse,Pugwash).It was recorded in various places including Pulse Studios,(Dublin), Paul’s own Studio and the Orchestra was recorded with the Malmo Symphonic Orchestra in Sweden. Artwork duites were by James Marsh.James is most well known for his superb Talk Talk album sleeves. Talk Talk are without a doubt a major influence so it was a special moment for Paul when James came on board for this project..Hold Onto The Colours was mastered by Jon Astley(Tori Amos,Tears For Fears,George Harrison).

Paul’s influence run a wide gamut from classical, rock, jazz, world music to rock, pop, experimental which is evident on the album tracks.Hold Onto The Colours will be released in 2013.


"Miss You Ep"-2010
"Hold Onto The Colours"-upcoming release(2013)