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Paul Moeller

San Diego, California, United States | SELF

San Diego, California, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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Paul's music definitely acoustic indie. And his own tag line "Subversively original songs" is well - after looking that word up - pretty on point. There's all kind of meanings, direct and indirect. None the less Foo gets the point - shockingly poignant.

The guitar work is very tight most of the time and void of any effects - as most acoustic work is. As a matter of fact all the music played on his recordings - be it drums, percussion, guitar or bass is right on time -
there's only a few brief (very minor) spots where I believe he's either singing louder or personally involved, where the rhythm guitar sways just a bit in the breeze.

To continue in the about the same direction Foo must say that he likes this audio work a lot. Or the lack of it; the sonic clarity is definitely there - some nice gear was used to put it down. And the EQ job is fantastic. The lack of effects on anything at all is almost refreshing with the clarity.

Paul got some crazy songs, and is no doubt a great song writer. Highly creative and yes Foo does agree "subversive" is a good term. Nice work Paul. - LiveAudioMag


2009 - Chaos Junkie ...and other observations
2009 - Aurora
1998 - Adopted Strangers



Paul Moeller is an independent songwriter/musician from North San Diego County. His tastes and talents cover the musical spectrum - from hilariously provocative, catchy pop concoctions to evocative instrumental pieces. You've heard nothing quite like what Paul puts out!

Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, Paul inherited his wide-reaching love of music from his dad, who was prone to have classical, country, pop, showtunes and god-knows-what-else all stacked up on the same turntable. As a youngster, he learned to play piano, studying at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music under Ilona Voorm - a Bela Bartok protégé, and soon started composing original tunes. During those rebellious teenage years, he taught himself to play the guitar, and continued writing songs, performing at a wide variety of events. Along the way, he also acquired a 12-string guitar and developed a distinctive and hypnotically percussive playing style.

In the mid-90’s he began writing, arranging and performing music with Ginny Frazier, who recorded with world-renowned musician Peter Buffett, and performed on the Disney ‘Pocahontas’ movie soundtrack. Together, they founded the group Circles & Arrows, and explored music that fused folk, blues and rock with traditional African and Native American instruments. Paul arranged and produced their debut album, ‘Adopted Strangers’, which received enthusiastic critical acclaim, and was selected as one of the top local recordings of 1998 by the Cincinnati Post ( …”a stunning and intriguing album”). Mike Breen of City Beat described the work as “Beautiful, lilting songs that soar with spirituality...captivating and often hypnotic...".

At the dawn of the new millennium, Paul began to channel his muse into more edgy material. He plugged in, switched gears, moved to the San Diego area, and co-founded the band Common Crowd. They’ve been playing lively, upbeat music at clubs, parties (and anyplace else the cops will let them) for the past few years. In 2007, they were featured, performing several of Paul’s original tunes, in a Del Mar TV special, which received a video competition award at the San Diego County Fair.

Paul’s recent focus has been on writing and performing ‘subversively original music’. With a keenly observant eye, and a true knack for the craft of songwriting, he has composed a catalog of catchy, witty, danceable songs - offering a skewed kaleidoscope of intriguing observations into the human condition - while celebrating the patchworked fabric of American culture. Some of these songs are featured on his most recent recording: “Chaos Junkie… and other observations”.

Oh, and then there's this... while managing to keep a couple fingers plugged into his classical roots (it's theraputic), Paul has also released his first compilation of elegent, hauntingly beautiful instrumental pieces, entitled 'Aurora'. He performed many of these tunes at the 2008 San Diego County Fair.

It’s hard to describe or categorize Paul's music – especially with influences as diverse (and bizarre) as… Elvis Costello, Warren Zevon, Randy Newman, Matthew Sweet, XTC, Mozart, Spike Jones, Bob Dylan, Hunter Thompson, Paul Westerberg, Frank Zappa, & Tom Lehrer (google away)… how about: “Melodic. Smart. Hook-laden. Funny. Catchy. Political. Satirical. In-yer-face. Spot-on. FUN!”

His performances of this highly original material are always spirited, engaging, brimming with energy, and just plain fun. Paul presently serves as Music Director, and has been performing regularly with, Technomania Circus, a well-regarded (or notorious - depending on who you talk to) San Diego performance art troupe.

When he's not out occasionally wooing romantics and little old ladies with his instrumental pieces, he or his group can be spotted rocking away - playing around the San Diego area at various venues that welcome edgy and exciting music.

Paul continues to explore, and redefine, his musical boundaries - digging deeper and reaching out in a variety of directions. Schizo??? - maybe. Inspired ??? - definately!

Check out his tunes. Take a peek at the lyrics. It's really good stuff. Inspired songwriting. This guy has true talent!