Paul M. Smith

Paul M. Smith

 Frederick, Maryland, USA

Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic, but I still enjoy writing love songs. The flip side - I write a fair share of love lost songs as well.


Influenced by the best, The Beatles, Stones, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Motown.

I've written over 300 songs, all genres, soft rock, love songs, C/W, Christmas songs, songs about America.

I play acoustic guitar, Taylor "Big Baby"



Written By: Paul Smith


A Mayfly lives just one day
Then it’s life is tragically done
A Mayfly needs to reproduce
But has only one day in the sun

Mayflys need to have fun quickly
Cause he doesn’t know long it will last
He needs to find a female mayfly
Cause mating time is going fast

A wonderful moment in the meadow
A brief life can be so sweet
It’s getting dark, the day is over
A Mayfly begins to vanish in the heat

~ ~ ~ Quiet Instrumental ~ ~ ~

Now close your eyes, your time is over
The only day of your life and it was great
Close your little eyes, the time has come
To go back where you came from

Goodbye sweet mayfly, you shan’t see another day
Another sun, another blue sky
Another female mayfly

~ ~ ~ Quiet instrumental with quick ending ~ ~ ~


Recorded a demo CD in June 2011 and doing pre-production for new CD "Journey's End" to record in December 2011.


Chris smith - Bass/Lead
Jason Hiner - Drums
Female Lead - Jessica Bowers

Recording Engineer - Jason Hiner

I have scheduled a Spring 2012 cross country tour from the East coast to the West coast and back hitting over 23 states. I will play at 50 venues in 65 days, and the entire trip will be videoed for a documentary.