Paul Munguia

Paul Munguia


Melodies reminiscent of the past, with a chord arrangement that might begin and end in familiarity but takes a creative route in getting from the beginning to end. A more rustic and honest feel. The songs are an organization of disruptions in the status quo of my daily life.


I am 20 years old and was born in Dallas, Tx. I am currently living in Lawrence, Ks but moving to Waco, Tx in January. My influences are from the days of old; I'm convinced that there are more melodies and chord arrangements out there that the greats forgot to use. I enjoy Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, Elton John, CSNY, Eagles, Carol King, Gram Parsons...More contemporary artists like Whiskeytown, Ryan Adams, Wallflowers


Claudia Loves Norris

Written By: Paul Munguia

What makes you happy will have you sad. What leaves you warm only leaves you colder. Im happy to see you're in love, but love will hurt you. You're a bright girl with a peace filled heart and those silver eyes set you apart. There's got to be a better man for you to love. But my eyes they don't see everything, and from what I hear you're givin' more than you recieve. Where there's one of you there's a compliment but love is sometimes blind. Fate is in your hands change your mind. Where there's a broken heart, there's another near. The sky above is always clear, look past the clouds that haunt you into better days. We hurt, we learn, and we grow from the pain. We'll always know the good, the bad, and the grace that falls in between.


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Usually play around 8-10 songs
I have covered:
Take it easy
I Shall Be Released