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This band has not uploaded any videos


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"Customer Feedback"

Quotes on album track "Don't Want To Love You"
AHHHH-like a tall glass of cold lemonade on a hot summer day-there are good songwriters left in the
world!- unclepetey
East Islip, New York

The hook is good the singers voice is cool. Mix well yea sounds good. Lyrics are very refreshing an
good.- stevepsycho
Van Nuys, California

Good effort I like it, kinda John Lennon like.
John L. comes out in vocals. - ISBFAN
Hammond, Louisiana

This is allright,i love this style...a good band, good lyrics,and yes the mix is good...i like it a
lot!- Dansety Hilversum,
Noord Holland, Netherlands

Nice stuff. I think the song is pretty strong overall, i typically go for more complex songs
lyrically, but this isn't bad. the mix is pretty good as well. - mercStars,
Brooklyn, New York

Big sound in the intro, sounds a bit country-ish, a little bit of twang in there. Just a hint of Neil
Young. Good instrumental hook under the pre-chorus or start of the chorus. - MilesAway
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Bass is cool i like the bowie like chord progression and vocals. mix is good nothing overpowering the
killer vox. I dont wanna love you. Everyone can relate I like it and the marching part in chorus is
cool. - bukiboo
Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Rolling Stones meet's the Smiths, with Davey Jones singing lead. Bitter-sweet and touchingly retro.
With all that in mind, it's a catchy tune. Stumbling Mowtown beat. I enjoy the sound quality...
warmly low-fi. Charming. - inspi Kansas City, Missouri

Some quotes about the single: "Where were you the day they burned Miami down?"
** Free download at**

Killer intro.....WOW! darn near blew my speakers up,but it would have been worth it,nice power. Procarm, from Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Here's something special!
This is terrific! The song opens (and ends) with a nostalgic montage of fairground sounds and then hits you right beween the eyes with an amazing wall of hard rock guitars, so much more powerful than they would be without that intro. The singer has a voice that reminds me very strongly of Al Stewart and the lyrics made me laugh out loud - very funny questions asked of the listener. - The Farmers Wife, London, England, United Kingdom

Just got the CD over the weekend Paul. It's really good! The first track is catchy and reminds me of Jason and the Scortchers! You rock! - Bill Jehle, USA

I wanted to dance. The song was good musically, I would have enjoyed hearing you live at a venue. Your arrangement kept me interested. The guitar and drums sounded really talented. Vamby, Upstate, New York

- Paul Needs Music


The Reactions
The Joys of Aural Sex
In One Era and Out of the Other

Pete Watkins CD “Madness in My Method”
(played on two or three tracks recorded with The Reactions)

Solo projects
Did you ever see a man?
That was Now
Songs from the Long Land

Production Credits
No. 9 Blast EP plus own recording projects listed above.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Professional singer, songwriter, bass and guitar player. A former IT magazine Editor/Publisher and PR copy writer, Paul is, these days, a full time music-worker. He plays all around south Wales, and is nearly ready to rock with his new band, "Big Fat Geezers" (BFG).

He has released two CD Albums - "That Was Now", a collection of cover and original material, and 2003's all-original "Songs From The Long Land". On both recordings, Paul did everything - guitar, bass, sequencing and all vocals.

He's played and recorded with a few bands, and even once jammed with the late and great Rory Gallagher, but certainly left a deafening impression on those who saw and felt him play bass with "The Reactions" (Later "The Steps" and no, not the one with 'H the loony' from Cardiff). He's still open to play bass, but at his age, everything would have to be 'right'.

His first TV appearance was at the age of eleven, and having been so obviously bitten by the small-screen bug, is currently working on a video for his song "Where were you the day they burned Miami down?". His music has sold almost world wide, and one fan even chose to play one of his tracks at his wedding in the USA.

He has also studied the martial art of Oki Doki (attaining black belt and 7th iam), and will quote Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams at you without the even the slightest of provocations.