Paulo Borges

Paulo Borges


Imagine sitting at a patio while listening to a perfect mix of Folk, Jazz, Blues and a dash of Paris cafe. Add a cool summer drink and your afternoon is perfect.


Paulo and James are seasoned performers whose music touch the essence of the human experience. They write songs that are at once honest and heartfelt, but that leave you uplifted after hearing them.
Songs range from tender acoustic numbers that are almost painfully intimate, to blues-laced numbers tinged with a touch of single malt, to occasional nods to Brasil's Bossa Nova movement,
Add to the mix, Sam's perfectly luscious touches on the accordion, and you have a combination of sounds that fit together so nicely, you'd think these musicians have played together forever.


What Right

Written By: Paulo Borges

What right have I got to lay claim to your life?
I've given up the hope you'll come around.
It's a stranger's face I see in pictures that I keep,
Your laughter in my voice is growing faint.

Take some advice my friend and pick yourself up,
Dust yourself off and try again.
Feeling sorry for yourself will get you nowhere fast,
And one day you'll find life has passed you by.

That's what I tell myself each night before I sleep,
The soothing voice of reason's lullaby.
But words can only go so far to heal the heart,
I must confess I'd give us one more try.

This Could Mean

Written By: Paulo Borges

This Could Mean Anything

This could mean anything or nothing at all,
A fleeting moment in our memory's eyes:
A too brief moment at a fork in the road for us.

I could just smile and deny what I think,
This doubtful question in an uneasy mind.
Spare me your answer, I don't want to know just yet.

We bide our time with patience and a sigh,
Our aching hearts both wondering why,
There is nothing that you or I,
Nothing we could do?

We share a joke or two and say our goodbyes,
With a wink and a nod and a smile.
We both know what life can be like sometimes.

This could mean anything or nothing at all.
This could mean everything or nothing at all.


Written By: Paulo Borges

Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose
It’s the trying keeps coming back for more
It’s what I’m looking for

Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry
It’s the feeling keeps me opening the door
It’s what I’m living for

A wrong turn now may hurt us much
But we’ve both felt the healing touch
Love knew us before we knew ourselves

And so I smile and bless you on your way
It’s the loving you that’s cheered me on my way
I’m living for today

For Maria

Written By: Paulo Borges

We’re on the edge of something
Bigger than the both of us combined
If I didn’t tell you I was scared
I’d be lying

So take my hand and hold it close
While we walk towards our fate
If I slip and fall will you pick me up

And why should God be so good to me?
I don’t care to know
What I truly have in store for me

And why should you be so close to me?
I don’t care to know
The pain of losing you

Now I’m so close to knowing
That all this is real
If I ever wanted more
I’d forgotten

The path we’re on is narrow
And so hard to walk
We’ll pick each other up
When we stumble

And now I know that God is good to me
I don’t care to know
Any other way

And now, I know that I’m in love with you
I don’t have to know
What tomorrow brings


Written By: Paulo Borges

And once we all had dreams
That we have left unlived
For circumstance for love
For fear

We cannot let go
Breathing life into our times alone
And nourishing our Lenten times of wanting

And some have learned to let them go
Into the distant grey of their past
With memories, voices and stories

Those saints are few
And hardly known to the rest of us
Wounded in our battle to be heard

Their stories have no voice
But those of their disciples
Who tell us of their freedom lost and found

We could not let go
We stay behind in a maze of constant worries,
Noises and questions

We are the many known
To ourselves and those who love us
Tracing footsteps of those who came before

We have no voice but our own
Finding colour and light
In the shadows of our searching, dream-filled lives

But now we still have dreams


Paulo Borges Solo CD: "Small Songs"
James Hickerson Solo CD: "Sure"

Both artists have received some airplay from local CBC stations. Recently, Paulo was featured on Shaw TVs "Backstage" series, with host Tracy Koga.

Set List

A typical set (tunes by either Paulo or James) runs from 30 to 45 minutes. We can do two sets of all originals. A sample set follows:

For Maria
Love Rescue Me
Small Song
What Right
Lonesome Tracks
This Could Mean
Mary Loves to Dance
Some Days