Paulo Muniz

Paulo Muniz


Bossa nova's new generation: a cool brazilian music breeze to your ears.


Paulo Muniz is an independent artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He sings mainly original brazilian music (bossa nova, samba) and has got as far as Japan with his albums. This kind of music have been well-represented worldwide through out the years by names like A.C. Jobim, Ivan Lins and Sérgio Mendes and has now this new representative. If you are interested in latin music or jazz, you will certainly feel captivated by his songs.

He was born in february 27th, 1976 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he lived all his life. By the age of twelve he began studying music and performing when he was fifteen. But something would delay his musical career: Medical School. In 1995, he entered the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) to be a doctor (psychiatrist) but quit three years later. He got back then into the music field, where he is right now.

In 1999, his career as a music producer began when he had the oportunity to compose a soundtrack for a theatre play. After that, he composed lots of jingles and soundtracks for a TV channel (Canal Futura) as well as other theatre play and producing became one of his main activities. That was when he studied arranging and orchestration during those years, which helped him to increase his musicality.

2002 was an year dedicated mainly to performings at music festivals in Brazil. He was present in more than fifteen through out that year. Also, in this year he first experimented with home recording, when he recorded his twenty-six-song first album called Compositor, but never released. Two years later, he decided to record Eu comigo, a twelve-song album, composed, played and produced by him still in his homestudio. However, this one was also never officially released.

During the following years, he worked as assistant musical producer for several TV shows in Brazil. Those jobs were mainly inside the studio and brought to him most of his experience as a sound engineer. During one of those TV productions, by the end of 2005, started to produce what would be his first released album.

Dated 2006, Trying to fool destiny was his first released album, with ten original songs, produced and played by a few brazilian top musicians and him. It was, by far, his biggest challenge. Soon, this album began to be sold in Japan and in 2007 was given a special japanese edition, with diferent cover and bonus tracks.

Still in 2007, he finished his second album called Sine qua non, released only in Japan through label Production Dessinee. He is currently preparing the recordings for his third album, to be released in early spring 2009.


Smile at me

Written By: Paulo Muniz

Come on, make me a fool
Just smile at me and see what you can do
Come on, make me a fool
Just smile at me and see what you can do

I can’t tell what’s happening to me
‘Cause, when you smile, that’s all I want to see
And inside the limits of your lips,
Life is better than I thought that it would be

If you knew the good things that you did
Like when you made me believe I’m still a kid
You know, I’m not easily satisfied
So, please, give some more attention to my bid?


You want to believe I’m not your star
But your eyes seek me whenever I get far
And before I give you back a look
You pretend I’m not that good for who you are

I can only say it is all right
Or, on my knees, surrender to your light
I don't know how much more I can stand
Of this lame façade you're showing here tonight


More than you will know

Written By: Paulo Muniz

I love you, my darling, more than you will know
Although I’m a liar, more than you will know
But not really this time, like you think you know
So tell me that you want me, baby, more than I will know

You must believe me, what I tell is true
I have no other lies to say to you
I know the truth is something I forget
That’s why I’ve always lied with no regret
But, in this case, it is an absurd
Apologize and I’ll give you my liar’s word


Whatever happens, I won’t tell a lie
I’ll swear to God untill the day I die
But my opinion is about to change
Although you think it might be kind of strange
There’s only one thing you should understand:
I am an honest liar under your command

Defeated guy

Written By: Paulo Muniz

This song was meant to be cruel
And say bad things about you
Singing like that, I thought I would find
The reasons I need to take you away from my mind

When I finished the plan
I had to plan it again
‘Cause it, somehow, went out of control
And now I accept I just couldn’t achieve my goal

So I will not deny
I am a defeated guy

Perhaps I’ll regret
But, at least, I tried,
Unsuccessfully, to get you out of my life
Unsuccessfully, to get you out of my life

I have to confess
How I feel inside
You, successfully, took hold of my hopeless life
You, successfully, took hold of my hopeless life


Written By: Paulo Muniz

Já prometi viver numa boa
Só que a saudade apareceu
Me distraí, um errinho à toa
E todo meu chão se estremeceu

Mas não desta vez, o pouco que fez
Foi tanto que não pude evitar
Um tal desprazer se penso em você
Então, só me deixe retomar
Meus dias, meus sonhos, portanto

Me confessar que não se perdoa
Não traz de volta o que perdeu
Esqueça este amor que já foi seu


Written By: Paulo Muniz

Foi duro te dizer adeus pra nunca mais
E ver a saudade o que faz
Com tudo que não tem valor ao coração
Por isso eu peço perdão

Já cansei de esperar a noite acabar
E o céu despencar em cima de mim
Quem dera se fosse tão fácil assim...

Tá, que tal me abraçar na beira do mar
Até o sol raiar e me ouvir dizer
Que não quero viver se não for com você?


Trying to fool destiny (independent 2006)
Sine qua non (Production Dessinee - Japan, 2007)

Set List

Original songs and bossa nova classics. Usually sets between 30 to 45 minutes.