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Paul Plouffe


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""Cummings sing-alike couldn't maintain his silence any longer""

STOLEN KISS: Rona carpenter Paul Plouffe, 53, who sounds like Burton Cummings, is back on the Winnipeg music scene singing at open-mikes, writing songs, and recording a CD -- after 28 years of not singing. In his 20s, as a dark-haired young man playing piano and singing in a Winnipeg bar, Plouffe reaped a surprising benefit from that Cummings similarity. As he was coming offstage, a young women ambushed him. "She wrapped me in her arms, gave me a hard kiss -- and then took a step back, and said: "Hey, you're not Burton Cummings!" Sounds like Plouffe owes Cummings a big ol' kiss. The builder said he stopped singing when he got into the serious business of making money to raise a family. "But when I turned 50, I couldn't NOT sing anymore." - Winnipeg Free Press (May 27, 2011)


CD Life In The Groove



Paul Plouffe is a Manitoba Aboriginal artist dedicated to injecting the "funk" back into music. "Unimaginative repetition does not constitute a natural groove," Plouffe writes,"and unfortunately much of today's mainstream music is exactly that. I want to put the human back in the mix, the natural variations inherent in live performances, the funk of life. So I create pieces that introduce a groove and invite the audience to join in the biorythmic experience." Born and raised in St. Boniface, Plouffe spent a good part of his life hiding in his sonic cathedral. "Everytime I played music, didn't matter what instrument, nothing else mattered." At the age of 50, it became apparent to Plouffe that his life was changing direction. "Prior to that, I felt little desire to put in my two cents. But when I turned 50 I became overwhelmed with the need to follow the path I'd been born to follow." Since then Plouffe has been performing across the city, setting off his self-described "groove bombs" in various locations in hopes of creating an atmosphere where people can enjoy the rhythms of their own souls, if only for a few minutes. Final word, Plouffe's the only performer I've seen to successfully render "Play That Funky Music White Boy" as a solo piece.