Paul's Anointed Mission

Paul's Anointed Mission


Paul's Anointed Mission is a movement of God's word via music. This movement is always laced with funky beats and beautiful melodies, but the mission is to encourage and heal the spirit. This is not your grand fathers gospel! This is gospel music for the masses!!!


While serving in the Army, I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. I went into a coma after returning from a tour of duty in Egypt. Diagnosed with diabetes and then starting a seventeen year dependency on insulin. A friend suggested that I ask God to totally heal me from this disease, and I said that the doctors told me I would need insulin for the rest of my life. That's what I believed, even though I was raised in the church. I suffered with blood sugars as high as 1600, hyper and hypoglycemic episodes, completely flat lining on two separate occasions, and numerous extended hospital stays. Eventually that lead to hypertension and total kidney failure. I finally started hemodyalisis in 1999. No doctor, prior to that had any suggestions for my recovery, until I met Dr. Michael Katz. He told me without a doubt, that he could help me to obtain a better quality of life by getting a kidney and pancreas transplant. Even though the pancreas transplant was still very experimental, he was very sure of the outcome. For the next year and five months I suffered, even during the dialysis treatments, still getting closer to death. Even though I was raised in a bible believing baptist church in Gary , Indiana, we were not taught about the Holy Spirit, the laying of hands, nor did I believe in the speaking in tongues. I actually used to mock t.v. ministries when I saw them on television! Things had gotten worst for me as I was preparing for a transplant to hopefully transpire. I had both of my jaws broken to remove severely impacted wisdom teeth, while I still dialyzed four days a week four hours a day and injected large doses of insulin four times a day. The good thing is that God began to speak to me in the dialysis chair and in my dreams. I began seeing demons on my way to my parking garage in downtown Atlanta. They spoke to me and told me to give up and quit. They always spoke death to me. Now this was not a dream, this was actually happening in the daytime! Then I began to fall outside of my building because both of my feet had been broken from a condition called char cot arthropathy, caused by the many years of a lack of sufficient blood flow to my legs, because of the diabetes. I also began to see angels that would help me off of the ground when I'd fall. I thought that I was losing my mind but my doctor assured me that all my mental faculties were in full effect. Next, I started having a reoccurring dream every other night for five nights. The dream was me receiving an award from Jesus! I know, WOW right! Jesus came on stage with me in front of the audience that consisted of the whole world. He did not speak, he simply took his index finger and thumb, pulling out a small glow of light from his chest and placed it into my chest. The glow filled my body with renewed strength and vitality. I said,"Thank you Jesus!", and told everyone to look at how strong he has made me, but Jesus just held his finger up to suggest that he wasn't finished with me. He then pulled a pair of humongous wings from beneath the podium and placed them on my back. The wings were so heavy that they almost caused me to fall, until the power within them started to enter into my body. Once that happened I could feel the immeasurable power inside of my body and spirit! I looked at Jesus and said," Thank you Jesus!!!", and I told the world that he had made me as strong as an arch angel. Jesus finally spoke, and he told me to go out there (pointing to the world) and tell them about me! I simply said yes Jesus, and I flew out into the world with his message of love and healing.
After those dreams I was still dying and I wanted to talk to a certain pastor in Atlanta, so I asked my God brother to take me to his church where that pastor of his was. He did, and on that Father's day in 2001, I truly gave my life to Christ. I finally spoke the words,"I believe that Jesus is going to heal me in my sinner's prayer on that day. I walked in the Church with a cane, barely breathing and close to death, and left out never using that cane again and healed. I asked the pastor to pray for me and lay hands on me as a showing of my faith in God's word.. There were only 8 people standing up for prayer in a packed Sunday morning Father's Day service, until God allowed everyone to see me get up healed. After I was healed there was a line wrapped around the church, with others now wanting prayer. That was the beginning of God using me as a living witness for him. Four weeks later, I received a successful kidney/pancreas transplant. July 11th will be 8 years for His glory. This would have never happened had I never opened my mouth to tell God that I put all of my trust in Him. Even though I eventually lost my toe, my foot and finally my lower left leg, I was blessed to receive all the medical care that I've needed through the years from the Veterans Administration.
I am one of the only successful kidney/pancreas transplant recipients living in Georgia to date. Thank


if GOD b 4 me

Written By: Paul R. Persley

Now I'm sitting here in this old empty house.
Thinking about my life and all that I've been through........
Through trials, tribulation, persicution and distress.
Sometimes I don't know what to do.
Even if I'm on my last leg.....don't have a dime to my name, or my last slice of bread.
I ain't even gonna be scared no no no, 'cause if God be for me who can be against me?
Now they say, what if you don't get to see the victory from sowing all those seeds?
I'll still say if God be for me, just don't worry 'bout it, we have not received the spirit of bondage and fear......
I'll still say if God be for me.

What about doubt? If God be for me .....pain.....who can be against me? Fear.....If God be for me, shame,
who can be against me?

Who can be against me? Who can be against me..........? if God be for me?

No weapon, no weapon, that's formed against me, is not gonna prosper, if God be for me.
With His almighty power, how could you lose with the stuff He use?!
You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you!

What about doubt? If God be for me .....pain.....who can be against me? Fear.....If God be for me, shame,
who can be against me? (repeat)

There's no height or depth or no one else, that shal separate me from the love of God.
What about your mom, nobody, what about the money, nobody, what about some sex, nobody, what about the pastor, nobody.



Goin' thru....and comin' out on top ! - Paul's Anointed Mission (LP) writer and producer

Holding Out 4 God (EP) - Terri Carroll
writer & producer

My Soul - Sabrina Dennard (single)

Just Churchin' - The Greenbriar Mall (radio jingle)
co-writer & producer

All Thangz - T-REP the Young Prayzr (single)
co-writer and producer

if GOD b 4 me - (single)
writer and producer

Washed With Love - BJ Hardy/P.A.M. (single) co - writer & producer

Set List

In God We Trust
Eye Love U Jesus
if GOD be 4 me

set is apprx. 20 min.