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"Showcase Review"

...Another artist who demands to be taken seriously is Laura Krier. A very special entertainer, this Liverpool-based vocalist and musician has what I call Ingredient X. She boasts a vocal range to die for, as demonstrated in a version of I'm Every Woman, and the sheer expression in her version can even tug at the heart-strings in a corny old song like Unchained Melody. Krier has searing talent and should be an enormous star.
- Church Stretton, 2002 - The Stage, London England

"Wandering Star-Laura Krier"

Not too many farmers' daughters from South Dakota, USA end up living in Liverpool, but the attraction for Laura Krier was Paul McCartney's brainchild, the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts - and a desire to travel.
The vocalist, keyboard player and saxophonist has certainly crammed in a great deal into her short time on the planet.
She explained: "I left my home town of Emery - population 339 - and headed for the big city, where I trained as a concert soloist for the army.
"I played in the 147th army band and sang the national anthem during the last presidential campaign at a political function in Washinton DC."
After a year of solo work in Japan, her wanderlust then took her to the UK, where she attended the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.
Laura recently appeared in her first major showcase and the response from bookers was apparently huge. When she is not gigging, she is writing songs.
Summing up her future aspirations, she said: "I'm confident in my ability as a performer and I just need people to come along to see me and hear the music."
To support her in her quest for stardom she also has a proven sounding board for songwriting ideas in OMD member Andy McCluskey.
- Cameron Robertson, 2002
- The Stage, London England

"Laura Krier-With Soaring Emotions and heart-pounding vocals, this talented starlet has a story to tell. Faye Marchant speaks to the girl behind the voice..."

As co-founder of record label MMI and co-writer of her own music, you could say that Laura is not your average wannabe singer.
Her debut album Nothing But Trouble is on the verge of release and is said to be "a soul searching journey with pop-r&b sounds". Hit the opening track and you can hear the passionate vocals of "You Got Me", while the album ends with the refreshing and energising dance vibes of "Special Delivery."
At 24 years of age, Laura seems like a complete package. Her looks are sophisticated-sultry meets girl-next-door, while her powerful vocal styles can be compared with top artists such as Christina Aguilera, Beyonce Knowles and Whitney Houston.
Hailing from South Dakota, USA, Laura refined her talent through diligence and dedication. Starting out at the tender age of 11, Laura acquired experience through singing in bands. Soon she was touring as a lead vocalist and saxophonist with the 147th Army Band.
But Laura is not just all smiles and singing. She graduated with a first-class degree in Business Accounting from Dakota Wesleyan University before heading off to Japan to teach English.
Next, she left Japan to attend classes at the Liverpool Instititute of Performing Arts where she gained ample exposure through radio and television appearances. She opened for top British band, Atomic Kitten at the Liverpool Football Field, was interviewed on Liverpool FM's "Give us a Break" with Billy Butler and appeared on "Billy and Wally's Christmas Special" on Liverpool One TV. Laura was interviewed by popular newspapers "The Stage" and "The Liverpool Echo" about her burgeoning talent.
Having only recently arrived in Spain, Laura has enjoyed a huge amount of success. As co-founder and Director of Mere Music International, she not only handles the day-to-day running and teaching of a busy stage school, but has performed at important regional events such as the Triple A Gala, Marbella Youth Arts Festival, the Ambar Nightclub Anniversary Party and the Grand Opening of the Nikki Beach Club.
This summer she has been performing at the much-hyped Spiegeltent based at El Mundo Studios, and much to her delight she has recently been sponsored by John Colleta, the ex-manager of 70s rock legends Deep Purple. John hopes to promote Laura in England and thinks she has great potential. In England they hope to merge Mere Music with other Independent Labels.
"I'm really excited," Laura says. "The great thing is that everything that has happened has occurred via word-of-mouth. People hear you, then recommend you to someone else. It's the best kind of promotion."
"I have a really gruelling schedule balancing both teaching the other artists and administration of the label, plus all the performing and promotional stuff, but the truth is that I really love what I do. When you love what you do, you can always find the energy to do it," Laura continues.
The singer is also planning to do a Christina Aguilera-type fusion of Opera and R&B with Toni Dalli.
Laura hopes not only to boost her own career, but also to maintain the increasing success of the school. "I am so proud of the facilities and standard of teaching the school can offer. We basically allow the students to experience what the real professional pop world is like. With state-of-the-art production, anyone with talent and dedication has the chance to be a star in their own right."
-Faye Marchant 2003
- Essential, Marbella Spain


(1) Nothing Sacred - Prince Scandal - Midas Music Denmark 1984

(2) Blinded by Passion - Alma Tadema - Kon Tiki/Free Music Spain 1992

(3) Nothing But Trouble - Laura Krier - MMI Records/Independance Records Planned Release Date: September 10th, 2005 - USA, Spain, UK




Feeling a bit camera shy


Laura tells the story...

I was born in Parkston, South Dakota, November 23rd, which makes me a borderline Scorpio (sex maniac) – but mostly Sagittarius (half-horse, half-woman). I’ve spent most of my life trying to overcome my true nature. I am not a completely self-taught musician... Bless my teachers and their efforts. They deserve more respect and better pay. I gave up piano lessons about the time I turned twelve... At 12, I was as tall as I am now with hairy legs, pimples and braces… for some strange reason, that’s when all the trouble began.

I got married when I was 21… a lovely guy: almost ruined his life, filed for divorce, moved to Japan and joined forces with THE KITCHEN BROS. Those guys could play. Better yet, they loved to cook: New Age Japanese men. We like that. As for me, I avoid cooking when I can. I always manage to burn stuff… and the food, too.

Meanwhile, back in South Dakota, my brother died mysteriously, and I had a nervous breakdown so I moved to Liverpool in favor of being able to talk to someone about it in my own language… little did I know… I still speak a little Scouse (the language in Liverpool), particularly when I feel like beating someone up. I studied at Paul McCartney’s “fame” school until I ran out of money. I left a name for myself there… like all good rock chics should.

I starved a lot in England, wrote some weird music & became vastly popular with the men’s working clubs in Lancashire, Merseyside and Wales. Good money. I OWE MY EXISTENCE to Mark from VIVA Studios in Lancaster for his initial kick up the butt (and to a whole lot of other people who are going to be mad because their names aren’t here but some of you probably want to remain anonymous.)

My producer, Paul Zigmund Sedkowski studied physics, philology, sociology, economics… music… AND speaks five languages. I’ve discovered that Polish people are among the smartest people in the world. He smokes a lot of Prince cigarettes and drinks way too much coffee. He doesn’t do any other drugs, though. He sang and wrote for Prince Scandal in the 80’s … he’s been writing great songs for years. He got fed up with his band when all the equipment was stolen, and they cashed in on the insurance, leaving him for broke. Lucky for me I found him in Spain some years later, still writing great songs and living "just in time" for the moment.

Graham Keeling is the Godfather of this first album, finding me at Sharky’s Beach in Spain singing an Aretha Franklin tune. He pulled some strings and got me an audition with Paul. Graham’s a good natured classy guitar player. He’s also unbelievably talkative and trustworthy. He’s definitely one of the good guys. So is Paul and on top of that, THEY ARE BRILLIANT MUSICIANS.