Paul's Grandfather

Paul's Grandfather

 Fredonia, New York, USA

Paul's Grandfather, once a three-piece has now grown to a five member family. With the additions of a drummer and cello player, Paul's Grandfather will bring even grown men to their knees. For Fans of: Billie Holiday, Neil Young, The Band


Paul's Grandfather was born in October 2008 at Fredonia State College after three female singer-songwriters; Kate Preston, Rebecca Ryskalczyk, and Karrah Teague hit it off musically and otherwise. Starting out with just guitar, a 1990's Casio, a beat up kick-drum and of course, their "breathtaking" trademark three part harmonies, the girls immediately developed their own unique musical style that reflected their different personalities.

Soon after becoming a band, they began recording their first EP, titled "No Home." It was around that time that they met drummer Bobby Frisk and cellist Paul Swenson. At that moment they grew into the five piece band that they are today. "No Home."
Their sophomore album "Sorry Lovers and The Living Lake" was recorded in May of 2010 by Fredonia Sound Technician Ricky Bird. The album was unofficially released in January 2011.
The band is not yet signed but works with a small indie label called Whaleplane, also from Fredonia.

Whether playing larger venues while supporting such acts as Brothers and Sisters, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Mock Orange, Brand New and Cursive or performing at intimate house shows, Paul's Grandfather always finds new ways to showcase their creative passion for performing and songwriting. The band is taking every opportunity that comes their way and pressing forward. There is definitely much more to be heard from this up and coming band.


Paul's Grandfather Live at Nietsches (2009)
No Home EP (2009)
Sorry Lovers and the Living Lake (2011)

Set List

I'm with you Kilgore.
The Wonder Years.
Mermaid Song.
"Weh Neh."
White Trash.
No Home.
Bobby's On A Riverboat.
"Baby Please."
Cat Song.
Oh Great River.
Ghost Hunting.
The Vapors.
Eighteen Aught Five.
Life of Crime.

Set can range from 30 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the gig. Don't usually play covers, but can at request.