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Well i would say that i'm a good singer/song writer. I live for music. Been singing sence i've been 5. Hopefully i'll get a record deal sometime. Hope other people enjoy listening


What i try to do is make music that no one's heard before, Make the listeners want more. Make the best out of music that i possibley can. My influences would be waking up knowing that there's music that needs to be writen and played. People like Tupac, Boyz II men, ect are my main influences because they make me want more and do more. I just want to make the best out of it i can. Play music that's never been played before.


I have singles but yet have not been played on the radio or anything yet. BUt hopefully they will be on soon.

Set List

The songs that i have writen are as listed.
1. Thier Own Opinion
2. Till The Day We Die
3. Record Deal
4. Playboy Hunny
5. Together Till The End
6. White Boy
7. Devil's Child

And currently just finished writing more, Just haven't recorded them yet.