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"Producer Lee Townsend"

"Paul Sprawl is a fine songwriter and very original guitarist whose music reflects his colorful experiences as a constantly traveling musician. He certainly deserves wider notoriety. The effort to seek out his work will be richly rewarded." - (Bill Frisell, John Scofield, Loudon Wainwright III)

"Artist David Wilcox"

"Okay. The album is called Blue Suitcase, and it's on a German label. It came out in '99 and it's wonderful. In terms of the playing, you can really get inside what he's doing, in terms of studying the moves. There's stuff that he does that nobody else does."

- Pure Music Interview Quote

"Tim Piazza"

"Paul Sprawl's approach to guitar is beyond musicianship, it is performance art. His hands dance across the guitar with abandonment, from body to neck, drawing out rhythms and beats that fuse with mesmerizing harmonies. To compare him to another musician is to miss the mark completely. There is no one else like Paul."
- Promoter, Evansville, IN

"Laurie Oudin"

"Paul Sprawl is a masterful guitarist who plays with such expertise that if you close your eyes, you think you are listening to three musicians (guitar, bass and drums) instead of one. Although his playing is reminiscent of Michael Hedges, his style is clearly his own unique creation. His remarkable musicianship is complemented by a rich, soulful voice. He dazzled our audience."
- Venue Owner, Homestead, FL

"Al Boyce"

"Paul has taken the blues and used them in a unique way to tell his own songs and stories. Slide guitar, lightning finger work with both hands up the neck, percussion on the body of the guitar, and a mellifluous voice that slides and bends his melodies the way his slide guitar finds the notes on his frets. He has three albums out - we were sold on him last year when he sent us a copy of Lucky Hand - a self-produced album with just Paul and his guitar, and no overdubs or fancy studio tricks."
- Promoter, Minneapolis, MN

"Ryan Dettra"

"He is known for his guitar virtuosity - finger picking, percussion on his guitar and playing slide at full speed but it's his tunes that live with multiple rhythms that stop, drive, and bump but still pull you along. There is just enough structure to the songs to hold onto to without being bored and just enough flash to make your soul jump to keep up with the songs."
- Cafe' Eleven, St. Augustine, FL

"Howard Levy"

"I really enjoyed working with Paul. I think he is a unique talent and I really dug his material.
I thought we sounded really good together, and he can sure play guitar!"
- musician (Bela Fleck)

"Sultana Ali"

"The kind of man who lands with a velvety thud on the stage and tears the house down with his originality, deep soulful voice, talented touch on the guitar and brazen fire bursting from his harmonica. I highly recommend seeing him live if he ever plays in your area of the world." - singer

"Artist Sam Pacetti"

"The most amazing guitar player I have seen in 8 years" - St. Augustine musician


1999 Blue Suitcase Intuition Music
2001 Lucky Hand Vagabond Music
2002 Dirt Roads Vagabond Music
2003 Army of Dreamers Vagabond Music
2004 Wreckage Vagabond Music
2005 Howard Levy & Paul Sprawl
Vagabond Music & Balkan Samba Records



Paul Sprawl set out on his space odyssey in 2001, touring all around the USA out of his home state of California. He’s continued that adventure steadily, adding Germany and Canada to performances in 35 states around the USA. Playing many festivals in the USA and Germany in ‘07, he continues the full-time artist’s life.

Supporters use words like amazing, masterful, and jaw-dropping to describe his work. Who else grew a national audience by traveling around in a van going to open mics? Who else combines percussive guitar techniques with bottleneck, tapping, harmonica on a rack, and songs of the downtrodden and forgotten? Who else with a truckstop guide next to the driver's seat of his van has a college arts education and has put out six cds in seven years?

Paul put out a cd on the German label, Intuition in 1999. Lee Townsend (Bill Frisell, Loudon Wainwright III, John Scofield) produced it. Since then Paul has done five more on his label, Vagabond Music, including the 2005 collaboration with Howard Levy (harmonica phenomenon).