Paul Sprawl

Paul Sprawl


Paul Sprawl has a deep and lasting involvement with music. Listen and decide for yourself what it's worth to you. Playing many festivals in ‘07, he's been making a living doing shows and selling cds for ten years. He has 6 full-length cds since 1999 and he's been playing and singing since he was 8.


Paul Sprawl set out on his space odyssey in 2001, touring all around the USA out of his home state of California. He’s continued that adventure steadily, adding Germany and Canada to performances in 35 states around the USA. Playing many festivals in the USA and Germany in ‘07, he continues the full-time artist’s life.

Supporters use words like amazing, masterful, and jaw-dropping to describe his work. Who else grew a national audience by traveling around in a van going to open mics? Who else combines percussive guitar techniques with bottleneck, tapping, harmonica on a rack, and songs of the downtrodden and forgotten? Who else with a truckstop guide next to the driver's seat of his van has a college arts education and has put out six cds in seven years?

Paul put out a cd on the German label, Intuition in 1999. Lee Townsend (Bill Frisell, Loudon Wainwright III, John Scofield) produced it. Since then Paul has done five more on his label, Vagabond Music, including the 2005 collaboration with Howard Levy (harmonica phenomenon).


1999 Blue Suitcase Intuition Music
2001 Lucky Hand Vagabond Music
2002 Dirt Roads Vagabond Music
2003 Army of Dreamers Vagabond Music
2004 Wreckage Vagabond Music
2005 Howard Levy & Paul Sprawl
Vagabond Music & Balkan Samba Records

Set List

My sets consist almost entirely of my own original work. They vary in length depending on the requirements of the gig.