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Another name For Love

Written By: Paul Stabin

You tell me Jesus saves
but you better save yourself
You take his name in vain and leave
His love up on a shelf

You use his words for hate
and his teachings to attack
You better open up your eyes
'cause I hear he's coming back

And he's coming hard
And he's coming soft
And he comes on wings of love
To bear your soul aloft

And he's walking softly
And he's running hard
And you better heal your heart
Before your final card

You tell me that you pray
but you never say for whom
You can't see that we all must
save each other from our doom

If you can't act in love
then you better stop my son
For what good are you doing us
if you can't see we're all one?

'Cause we're all the same
To the flying dove
And God is just another name for love

And we are all just children
when push comes round to shove
And you know that God is just another name,
Another name for love

I tell you, God is just
another name for love.