Paul Starling

Paul Starling


Taking on a sixties folk rock sound, not unlike The Cyrkle, mixed with Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys, Starling weaves together a series of baroque summer pop songs perfect like a cool breeze on a hot July day.


paul starling writes and records his own blend of melodic pop with a sense of motown groove . growing up on albums such as: pet sounds, rubber soul, smile, blonde on blonde, holland, & tusk; gave paul starling a good understanding of melody & arrangments. obsessed with paul mccartney’s bass lines, brian wilson’s harmonies, bob dylan’s word play, & the pure originality of lindsay buckingham has raised the bar very high for young mr.starling. but like the artists just mentioned; paul starling loves a challange.


Ghost Waltz LP 2007

Set List

1. Caroline
2. Visions of Drowning
3. It's Fine
4. Ballad Of A Raincoat
5. All The Good Looking Girls Are Dead
6. Outlaw Blues
7. Day Of The Dead
8. I Guess You're My Ghost
9. Alerton Park
10.Ocean Blues
11. Old Tack Pianos
12. Don't Let Me Down