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"Slowcoustic(Calgary)- Feature "Some Good it will Come""

Fragile vocals, delicate acoustics, subdued hooks (but still actual hooks) that help this be more than just being soft folk-y type music that can fall into the sea of sameness. - Sandy Smith

"Indie Music Filter(Toronto)- Feature "Some Good It will Come""

Hopefully you got hooked on his “defeatist folk” like I did, and now he’s got some new music for us. - Chris Budd

"Wake The Deaf(London, UK)- Feature "Some Good It will Come""

Both songs are excellent and are certain to please fans of his previous work. If you are less familiar, then think mournful vocals, delicate acoustic guitars and subtle percussion. I found myself thinking of artists such as JBM. - wake the deaf

"Argue Job(Edmonton)-Feature "Some Good it will Come""

Tense and moody, the songs are expertly arranged — strong currents of deft guitar work and cardiac percussion buoy atmospheric vocal lines. Stewart’s voice is naturally mournful — a dirge, a Danse Macabre — but leaves a lingering impression of hope, that indeed some good will come from darkness. - Tyler Butler

"Onda Rock Blog(Italy)- "Permanence" Review 7/10"

Stewart does not ordeal in the long run, "Permanence" gives a feeling of completeness and self-sufficiency rarely seen, even in its "normality" of the proposal within the Canadian scene of recent times. - Lorenzo Righetto

"MyOldKentuckyBlog- "Out Patient" song premiere"

His sound is layered instrumentation with melodic vocals and introspective lyrics. The EP is the perfect backdrop as the summer winds down and the leaves begin to change. - MOKB

"Friendswithbotharms(Toronto)- "Permanence" Review"

It really does have this soft melancholy, real fragile sounding layers that aren’t thick enough to support one another – but they’re not trying to. His vocal layers are more of an echo, a ghost of himself, than a filler. Lovely stuff. - Nada Alic

"Commonfolkmusic(West Virginia)-"Permanence" Review"

Paul Stewart’s lyrics and music on Permanence are abstract enough to allow the listener to feel and relate to every word and note. He also beautifully creates a glint of hope in the darkness of defeat. - April Wolfe

"Argue Job(Edmonton)- "Permanence" Review"

Paul Stewart’s all new Permanence is among the best folk records this blog has featured. He has ignored the rest of the milieu of song writing trendsetters and/or classicists and has instead turned his lamp in on himself, creating music of enduring vulnerability and magnetic inner strength—dare I say, songs of permanence! - Joe Gurba


Parkade Songs, Ep (2009)
Permanence, Ep (2011)
Some Good it Will Come, single (2013)



Currently based out of Vancouver, Canada, singer songwriter Paul Stewart was born and raised in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. Stewart has three, self-released recordings to date - 'Parkade Songs' (2009), 'Permanence' (2011) and 'Some good it will come' (2013). His musical sensibilities borrow from John Fahey, Bob Dylan, Elliot Smith and Neil Young...