Paul Stranahan

Paul Stranahan

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Paul Stranahan leads two different groups of top quality: The Paul Stranahan Trio-PST and Paul Stranahan’s Insomnia PSI. The Trio leans more to the jazz side and PSI more to the progressive avant side of things. Paul also drums for the avant/progressive/metal band Red Side Visible.


Paul Stranahan is a drummer, composer, band leader, marimba player and teacher.

He leads two different groups: The Paul Stranahan Trio (PST) and Paul Stranahan’s Insomnia (PSI). The instrumentation is usually guitar, bass and drums and sometimes saxophone. Both groups strive for a creative, interactive style but in different ways. Paul is also involved with the avant-metal band Red Side Visible. Please check out to find out more.

The Trio plays original compositions, jazz standards, and some jazz-rock-fusion. The band has two CDs. One is called “Climbing Somewhere” which features eleven songs all written by Paul. Some songs are more in the straight ahead jazz vein and some others are more on the fusion side. The other CD is called “Solar” and has seven jazz standards and two originals by Paul.

Paul Stranahan’s Insomnia (PSI) is an offshoot of the Trio and is dedicated to adventuresome, all original compositions. It will mix everything from free form avant-garde to progressive rock to jazz-fusion and whatever else it wants to on any given night. PSI has a NEW CD out, which features Jeremy Bleich on bass and Chris Bober on guitar on most of the songs. Mike Barna and Jeff Charmek play guitar on an additional two songs. The latter have also teamed up with Paul in the band Broadview Collective and released a self titled CD.


PSI-Paul Stranahan's Insomnia
Paul Stranahan Trio- "The Art of Knowing"
Paul Stranahan Trio-"Climbing Somewhere"
Paul Stranahan Trio-"Solar"
Red Side Visible- "Enter Entrophy"
Broadview Collective- "Collective Subconscious"
Broadview Collective-self titled
Rare Blend-"Infinity"
Rare Blend-"Evolution Theory"

Set List

Both the Paul Stranahan Trio and Paul Stranahan's Insomnia have several sets worth of original compositions. As far as covers go the Paul Stranahan Trio can do tons of jazz standards. Both bands can do jazzy versions of such rock tunes as the Beatles "Come Together" and "Norwegian Wood" the Rolling Stones "Paint It Black" Radiohead "Morning Bell" and "Parinoid Android" Sugarloaf "Green Eyed Lady" Soundgarden "Black Hole Sun" and Led Zeppelin "Four Sticks."