Paul The Girl

Paul The Girl


The debut album by Paul The Girl features eleven rock-cabaret-folk-pulp sex horror songs by The Artist and her group, plus ‘Spaceship Movie’. “ The most singular female talent the UK has produced in 20 years” *** (Mojo). Looking for distribution, promotion in U.S.A.


Paul The Girl wrote the songs, sang the songs, played guitar, produced the songs, designed the sleeve, directed the video and invented a record label to put it all on.
Electro-Magnetic Blues was recorded in South London in 2002. It features an extra-ordinary five-piece band and many instruments that are not guitars. For those of a nervous disposition, it is useful to note that this record features cameo appearances by vomit, semen and women behaving badly, like all good records should. For braver souls, the live Electro-Magnetic Blues experience is scheduled for the following dates..(see calender)


"Paul", album released 1995
"Electro_magnetic Blues ", album released 2003 . Received national UK and European radio play

Set List

solo 30mins, band 45mins-1hr . Majority of songs from Paul The Girl albums, occasional weird cover in PTG stylee of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zep or The Stooges