Paul Thiessen Band

Paul Thiessen Band


A songwriter who touches every emotion. From finger-picking love songs that inspire hope, to scat-filled jazz pieces that are just plain fun, Paul is undeniably one of the most versatile and entertaining songwriters of today.


The Paul Thiessen Band

For Philadelphia indie / folk rocker Paul Thiessen and his band, practice truly makes perfect. Spending nearly two decades honing the art of “making stuff up”, Paul embarked on his musical journey in the vein of most aspiring musicians; studying and practicing music theory. After growing weary of the repetition and monotony of formal training and its inherent guidelines, Thiessen decided to move on to playing what makes him happy; writing his own music. These days, the countless hours of practicing guitar, bass, drums, and basically any other instrument he could get his hands on seem to be paying off.

Through his introspective song writing and commanding live performances, Paul Thiessen has drawn comparisons to legendary songwriters such as James Taylor and Paul Simon. After spending several years as a solo artist, Paul found his muse hidden in a band under his own moniker. Surrounded by a supporting cast of completely self-taught, yet uber-talented musicians, Paul shuffles and wails through timeless jams reminiscent of veteran artists. Although a mere 18 years of age, drummer John Morgan commands the kit like a seasoned professional. Bassist Peter Fritz, who along with Paul is in his early twenties, meanders through groovy bass lines while sister Joy Thiessen compliments Paul on keys and vocals.

“Joy is a frequent, special guest on stage with the core trio. I started writing the songs in 1996, always with the band in mind. But the majority of my time on stage has been with other bands doing other people’s songs, or different versions of my own songs. It wasn't until 2006 when I met John and Peter that I heard the songs as they were in my head. Ten years of songwriting has given me plenty of material and also sort of a musical scrapbook of my life's experiences. The lyrics relate well to a variety of audiences.” - Paul

The respect all four have for each other is apparent, both in the music and in how they speak of one another.

“Our dedication to music and listening to each other is an integral part of why we work so well together.” - John Morgan Kimock

The band draws its influences from a wide array of artists in the likes of Curtis Mayfield, Phish, Bruce Hornsby, and Dr. John. In an effort to keep the music fresh and entertaining, Paul Thiessen and company are no strangers to working extended jams and improvisations into their live performances. This experimental and sometimes psychedelic nature has lead many a listener to dub the group the “Paul Thiessen Experience.” Collectively, they also have had the pleasure of jamming in some of the most respected haunts throughout the northeast and jamming with renowned artists such as Amos Lee, New Monsoon, Benevento Russo Duo, George Wesley, Bernie Worell, and George Clinton. The Paul Thiessen Band has also been featured on numerous festivals including the Gathering of the Vibes, High Sierra, and the Health and Harmony Festival. Their first album recorded as a complete band entitled Start. Hear. is due out in the fall of 2007.



Written By: Paul Thiessen

Livin’ life like I do
Takes me away and back to you
And it’s easy when we’re on the same page

But now and then I get lost
And I can’t afford the cost
Feels like I can’t keep up with my own age

But, there is providence
Knocking at my door
And I know this all happened at one time before
There is nothing else that makes me feel so sure
Cause I believe in what I’m working for

And then people come around
Don’t even see the very ground
That they’re walkin on

With their heads in the clouds
And their chest stuck out proud
Yet they don’t know what’s goin’ on

But, there is providence
Knocking at their door
And they know this all happened at least twice before
But forgiveness is really what I’m singin for
We gotta believe in what we’re workin’ for

I’m still following my dreams
And everything’s just how it seems
When I see it through your eyes

Come and tell me it’s okay
In the early light of day
And we'll revel under blue skies

Cause there is providence
Knocking at our door
And we know this must have happened three times before
When I’m sick I believe that your love is my cure
It’s your love that I’m working for


Daydream - 10 song album. full band production, rock (2003-2005)

Misunderstood - 5 song solo EP features Paul on Piano and Guitar. (2005)

Start. Hear. - 5 Songs feature current band members (2007)

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Set List

With over 50 strong original songs, performances can easily cover three 45 minute sets, usually with a few choice covers thrown in.

I Got a Family
Meet me in the Middle
Above and Below
Down on the Ground
Brighter Day
Keep From Wanting
You Loved me too
Back to You
Light of the Morn
Let it go
Coming Home
I'll Think of you
Long Road
Going Down
Rocking Chair
Lonesome Highway
French Flute Destiny
Hillbilly at Heart
If I had the Time
Perfect Match
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