Paul Trudel

Paul Trudel


Undisputed master of the disillusioned break-up song performed like the beer drinking anthems they are.


You may have never heard Paul Trudel`s tragic cereal box haiku rock but chances are once you have you'll be reaching for a cigarette after.
Scientists have proven one of two humans are susceptible to his ridiculously catchy songs of love and embarrassment. He is bringing to the sensitive singer/songwriter cliche a whole batch of fresh, new cliches . Disillusioned break-up songs performed like the K-Tel beer drinking anthems they are.

Set List

Songs are all originals, 1 set of 60 minutes
1. Bubble Babies

2. Only Damn Thing I Know(is Rock and Roll)
3. I Killed Rock and Roll
4. I Ain`t Gonna Take It
5. Thinking Allowed
6. Imaginary Love Song
7. Down Again
8. Broken Arms
9. O Monica
10. Last Big Fall
11. Same To You
12. 10 Pound Mouse
13. Goodbye To Girl