Paul Turner

Paul Turner


Bringing a mature, worldly-wise yet unfailingly optimistic attitude to his work, Paul Turner is an independent artist whose music is instantly accessible to fans of rock, pop and folk. While harking back to a time when songs were earnest and pure, Turner is a thoroughly contemporary tunesmith.


Beguiling melodies, alluring lyrics, intricate guitar playing and a searing, soulful voice that cuts straight to the heart with instinctive honesty and simplicity – that’s the music of Paul Turner.

In the fast-paced, disposable world of the new millennium catering to a consumer and technology driven society, where new music is often ephemeral and even independent artists succumb to the will of commercial forces, Paul Turner is a breath of fresh air.

Turner brings new meaning to the notion of the independent artist. His recordings on his own label, White Lotus Records, are self-funded. His uncompromising approach guarantees an authenticity that resonates with audiences who connect with his accessible acoustic-based rock songs reflecting his wanderings, loves, joys and enduring search for truth.

Paul came to music via a circuitous route. Originally from New Zealand, a career as a professional rugby player was all set until he was stricken at the age of 20 with Ankylosing Spondylitis, a painful and debilitating rheumatic disease. Through healthy living, Paul healed himself at his new base in Sydney. A varied career led him to work in the financial markets for two years, before he changed track and headed overseas. While away, he began reading extensively, especially on philosophy and theology.

On his return to Australia, Paul took up classical guitar, and while he felt limited by the technical side of classical playing, the intimate relationship with his guitar, his reading and his explorations through meditation led him to songwriting. At 30 it was a relatively late start but ensured his songs were imbued with genuine life experiences and observations. Turner has travelled widely – both geographically and spiritually – to arrive at a point where he can create music that is both intimate and universally appealing. Meditation and travelling have equal place in his life to music, but songwriting is one of the best ways, Turner has discovered, to express the many facets of life.

His songs are full of wonder and a yearning to share what he has found on his personal journey. They are bright and whimsical, wistful and mysterious, deeply romantic and effervescent as life itself. Melodies sparkle, rise and fall, not a note wasted or a phrase out of place. “Come With Me”, the opening track on his new album, Clear Blue, is an instant classic, with an infectious chorus, soaring arrangements, and a simple, heartfelt message.

“Love Meteorite” and “City Lights” are also immediately memorable, and the haunting “Room” is mesmerizing. Turner says the song was sparked initially by an experience he had in Kashmir, and later turned into a song about the questionable pursuit of science and technology in modern life. “The whole of society has been dragged away from reality, it seems.”

His songs have drawn renowned producers and engineers to work with him such as Adrian Hannan (Taxiride, Vanessa Amorosi, The Superjesus) and Brent Clark (Alex Lloyd, Midnight Oil, Alanis Morissette).

Turner has been inspired along the way by artists as diverse as Neil Young, Cat Stevens, and AC/DC, but you won’t hear any direct musical correlation to their work in his songs. It’s about synthesis and reinvention; Paul Turner is an original and distinctive singer-songwriter destined to be heard for many years to come.


Come With Me

Written By: Paul Turner

So this is life. So short here our time. Regrets, I’ve a few. No more than wisdom knew. Love is the game, the blood in my veins. So walk by my side. I’ll see you on the other side.
Come with me to this place. You decide the way. Come with me to this land. We live our lives to plan.
The deeds that I’ve done. The seeds that I’ve sown were all my design. I want peace I want to see that light.
Come with me to this place. You decide the way. Come with me to this land. We live our lives to plan.
Come with me.
Come with me.

Love Meteorite

Written By: Paul Turner

Your heart so open, your eyes when your joking. Relax, enjoy the ride. The love meteorite.
Its so amazing I’m inspired. Imagination wont describe. I’m hopeless for the afterglow. I would give up everything I own.
Your way, so rare. That jewel we share. Relax, enjoy the ride. The love meteorite.

It’s so amazing. I’m inspired. Imagination won’t describe. I’m hopeless in the afterglow. I give up everything I own. I own, all I own.

Its so amazing. I’m inspired. Imagination won’t describe. I’m hopeless for the afterglow. I would give up everything.
Its so amazing, so damn right. Imagination won’t describe. I’m hopeless for the afterglow. I would give up everything I own. I own.


New Album Release

Artist: Paul Turner
Title: Clear Blue
Cat No: PT 001
Barcode: 678277154124
Distribution/Label: Burnside Distribution/White Lotus Records
Street Date: 10th April 2007
Suggested List Price: USD$14.99
File Under: Folk/Rock/Pop.
Track Listing:
1. City Lights 2. Be Happy 3. Angels Cry
4. Love Meteorite 5. Room 6. Poison 7. Come With Me
8. Soul In Air 9. Carcassonne 10. Clear Blue

“I know what I want. I know what I like. Days here have been good. I know you’ve been kind. These City Lights”

Paul Turner allures the listener and forges an epic with his track “City Lights”. His powers of persuasion continue for ten inspirational tracks. There’s no resisting Turner’s invitation
to savor life, and the journey he takes the listener on is unforgettable.

Bringing a mature, world-wise yet unfailingly optimistic attitude to his work, Turner is an independent artist whose music is instantly accessible to fans of rock, pop and folk. Turner is a thoroughly contemporary tunesmith, and his songs are destined for acclaim internationally.

Clear Blue is a powerful and evocative collection. Turner’s engaging acoustic-rock style is as bold as Neil Young yet with the smarts of John Mayer. Where these two rivers merge you’ll find Paul Turner. Turners simple, heartfelt and effective lyrics are showcased on Clear Blue, (produced by Adrian Hannan in Sydney).

The albums single “City Lights” is an instant classic, with a Zepplinesque “California” style acoustic intro, soaring guitar arrangements, taking you on a search for freedom.

“Love Meteorite” another standout from Clear Blue combines
Turner’s fascinations with the different facets of love and the experiential journey. “It is about commitment to an ideal and moving towards more positive emotions.”

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“In a world of over produced bling, here is a breath of fresh air, no clutter for lovers of folk roots or just good easy music.”
- iTunes listener comment.

Set List

Two sets of 12-16 original songs
Come With Me
City Lights
Written In Stone
Soul In Air
Love Meteorite
Angels Cry
Be Happy
Clear Blue
Sun Cactus
Really There
Under Your Skin
Be Yourself
Another World
String Theory
Forest Throught The Trees
More Than The Moon
Blood and Water
Heaven and Earth
ME Peace