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Paul V. has really outdone himself on this new CD called, "Change". I hated the song titles, but really enjoyed the very full guitar sounds that literally fill the atmosphere with a wall of sound from the very first cut.
"Give It Up For Love" was a perfect introduction to what was to follow. Numerous guitars were used to provide a magic carpet of a sublime combination of picking and strumming to carry one off to a place of expectation, not normally felt in a lot of the new music I hear. At once, one realises that this is a work dedicated to the instrument and the ear, a work dedicated to pure listening enjoyment.
"A Taste of Fire", possibly the most exciting cut on the CD, experiments with the rise and fall of cascading creshendos and variations in volumes. It enters quietly, like a morning stream, until you realise you are dangerously close on the platform as a powerful high speed locomotive passes by. "Zen & Now" enters as innocent youthfulness, and mellows into free flowing movements of more somber tones with reminiscences of youth, ever the child within. "Truth Is I'm Lying" begins with somber dark tones with a rise of white wings soaring above the darker aspects of this, a variation on the previous theme of "Zen". Sharp and angular chord progressions amplify the perception of what it fells like to be dangerously close to the edge of Truth, to find what is lost and what is gained.
"Give It Up For Fun" is a morning breeze crossing the lawn, a few birds passing restfully through the air from side to side in search of morning sustenance. As the chords progress, the realization arrives that, alas, it's time to go to work, and time to bid the morning reverie adieu.
All in all, a CD worth listening to. Keep up the good work, Paul. - CD Review


"Change" - 5 Song EP May 2009
"Twelve String Conversations" - Debut CD December 2009



Paul V has been a musician his whole life. “I was born and raised in Lynn MA. (City of sin and all that). I grew up hearing Mitch Miller and Lawrence Welk every week. I also remember 3 of my sister’s records that I listened to, Elvis, Roy Oberson and The Righteous Brothers. I remember the first time I heard the Beatles. I was in my brother’s room fooling around with an old radio just flipping through the stations when I heard a song that I liked. “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. I thought that was the greatest song. From that moment on it was all Beatles, the hair, the boots, the clothes or at least a cheap imitation knock off that I thought was the look. Three friends and I would pretend we were the Beatles.”

What musicians influenced your playing and writing? “For a lot of years I just played behind other musicians. Following their lead, backing them up on rhythm guitar, a lot of Blues. I loved playing rhythm guitar. I felt like I controlled the flow of the song, the tempo, the mood. Once I discovered alternate tunings I was in a new world. Today, my music is a combination of Leo Kottke and Alanis Morrisette. Although I don’t finger pick like Leo, he showed me the world of 12 string instrumental music. And Alanis showed me how to combine and break up parts of songs and to overlay sound.”

What would you tell younger musicians just starting out? “Be Unique. Be creative with your music. Musicians either copy a song, intepret a song or play something original. Whenever I hear a piece of music, I ask myself, how is this different? Why has this song, this group or this musician made it or why haven’t they made it? What is their hook? Many musicians made millions of dollars playing 3 chords and singing. But it’s how they play those chords.”

What kind of kid were you in High School? What would you do differently in High School if you could go back in time? “I was a hippie or a stoner. I was not involved with any clubs or activities in High School. If I could do it over I would not fool around. I would try different thing like the chess club or swim team. I’d study harder.”

What is your philosophy of life? “My Philosophy of life is to live in the moment, don’t worry about thing I cannot control. Yet, always have a plan, a goal, something to strive for. To look forward to. I love the saying ‘if I knew then what I know now’”.

If you could ask one favor of your fans what would it be? Why should fans like your music? “The favor would be honesty. “How do you like what I am doing and why”. I think people will like my music because I like to listen to it not just play. I am trying to do something different. Really connect to the audience trying to incorporate all the senses. Hear the music, see me play, feel the vibrations, smell the surroundings and maybe they are eating or drinking while listening. I know it sounds odd but that is my goal to get the audience to think and feel what I am playing”.