Paul Vincent

Paul Vincent


Totally Original, dynamic, reminiscent of classics from legendary performers of our generation Full of emotion describes the music. The band is the man Paul Vincent probably one of the truly hidden and underappreciated artists out there today.


Paul Vincent son of oldies musician from the 50's grew up in the shadows of his father Eddie Torres and followed his footsteps. Paul has been in music all his life and has a catalog of approximately 200 original songs in his musicial portfolio. He is an original songwriter, musician who is infamous in his local community and their are few residents who dont own a cd or two with his original tune. And they look forward to each and every new cd he produces for them. He has performed with numerous bands in his lifetime and now is working with long time musicial associations to pull out 3 or 4 cds a year each full of original and highly requested musical compositions mostly in the pop or alternative genre and dables time to time into the Heavier Rock Areas. He touches it all
He is truly a musician who deserves to be noticed but who somehow has just remained overlooked thus leaving him in the still struggling to achieve status of his career. That is overlooked by mtv vh1 and the music circuit of the industry today but not overlooked by those who know him . The public loves this musician and if it were up to those who have had the opportunity to hear his music and see him perform they would agree he is a star.
If based on the so called music industry he is still an unknown and unfortunately based on that statistic he still exists only to those who are lucky enough to know he is out there. He has done the ny Circuit and is well known to the club scenes and he has done many gigs for numerous charities and gfestivals and causes. He has performed on Cable telivison on numerous shows including but not limited to Neal Alpert Show, NY rocks tv, The Goddesses, Filthy Rich. He recently was featured at the yearly italian festival in Ridgewood Queens and has even paired up with numerous performers to do tributes and help great causes in the New York Area. I have no doubt that if he were to receive the attention of those who call the shots music and those who make or break an artist he would be a major success but until then he humbily
continues his career doing what he loves best
Singing composing and performing.


Better Dayz
Healing Garden
have all been performed on either radio or Tv performances

Set List

Has perforrmed and received right ups in the papers on his tribute performances doing the music of legendary performer Neal Diamond.
He is also well loved for his rendition of RadioHeads top chartbuster Creep which he wowed the NYC nightscene with back in 2003.
his set lists vary and usually include all his original songs which locals have grown to love and to this set list yearly he adds approimately 5 or 6 new hits and the list grows. As he loves to perform he can perform for hours before he ends the show and he has always been known to get rave reviews and every performance.