Paul Wilson Songwriter

Paul Wilson Songwriter

 Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, USA

I,m A songwriter, occasional performer. My song are country and or country rock . They are truthful heartfelt and sometimes have a little twist. Give me a listen and I hope you enjoy, Thanks


Hi, I'm Paul Wilson, Songwriter from sunny Ft. Lauderdale Fl. I have a great love for words and music and the Good Lord saw fit to give me the ability to put them together and make up a song now and again. I write alone and with some great other writers I've co written with Joanne Tramonte, Russ Reese, April Higuera,Dave Bechomn and Wes Austin.
The songs on this EPK are all professional demos done at Tom Manche's Studio X in Nashvile Tenn.
I've won a few songwriting competitions and have had songs played here in the states and all over the world. I have a song "Brand New Road" on a CD Music for the Troops VOL V and two songs "Who took the L" & 'Younger Days' on a Americana CD being dist. in Europe by Tri Strand Productions. I was picked as a staff writer for Ginger Creek Records and have two songs slated for recording with then "Gotta Find You" and "Stop the Rain" I truly do this for the love of the music and anything else that comes along is just an added reward. We all hope you will take the time to give our songs a listen and we hope you enjoy them.If you hear something you would like to record or put in your catalog we can talk.
Thank You,
God Bless the music makers.
Paul Wilson Songwriter


Gotta Find You

Written By: Paul Wilson

I Gotta Find You
Words & Music by Paul Wilson

Em C Em
Held you in the desert under Nevada skies
Em C Em
Walked with you by Lake Cour d’ Alene on a moonlit Idaho night
Em C Em
Kissed you in Montana in a hard drivin’snow
Em C Em
Made love to you in Miami upon a golden shore
G D Em
I gotta find you no matter where you are
G D Em
Igotta find you, look under every star
G D Em
I gotta find you, no matter what it takes
G D Em
I gotta find you, gotta stop this heartache
Last time I saw you, you wouldn’t let me hold you tight
Last time I saw you, we screamed and fought all night
Last time I saw you, you were runnin away in the dark
Last time I saw you, was the first time you broke my heart
Seems like it’s been forever since I heard you call my name
Last time we were together things just didn’t feel the same
Seems like it’s been forever since you let me hold you tight
Woke up this morning’ and it was just last night
I still gotta find you no matter where you are
I gotta find you look under every star
I gotta find you gotta have you next to me
Igotta find you gotta stop the insanity
Gotta find you
Gotta find you
G D Em
Gotta finnnnnd you.

October Gray

Written By: Paul Wilson & Joanne Tramonte

October Gray
Words and music by Paul Wilson & Joanne Tramonte
1)Am G
October 1st.and my world is gray,
F Am
it’s gonna be another long, long missin’ you day.
Am G
My world ain’t spinnin’ it’s stuck in place,
F Am
Can,t get past the memories of our yesterdays.

I guess I should try and get outta bed ,
G F G Am
No matter how I twist the pillow it just won’t fit my head.
I ain’t got the strength to face the day
G F Am
Everything seem strange since you went away.


November 1st and the rain’s comin’ down

My tears hit the pillow like the rain hit’s the ground

My mind is racin’ ain’t got no place to run

Can’t seem to understand your really gone.


Dm Em
Don’t know what I’ll find or face out there
Or if I have the strength to fight the fears in my head
Dm Em
I’ll learn to care one day at a time
And find a way to leave my depression behind

December 1st. cold wind surrounds

It freezes my senses, no emotions can be found

My hearts still beating,beating in my chest

I gotta stand up and face what life I have left

I guess it’s time I got up outta bed

To hell with that damned old pillow it never fit my head

I’ll find the strength to face the day

And know I’m not alone along the way
Am G
October1st. My world is gray
F G Am
It’s gonna be another long long missin’ you day…..


Written By: Paul wilson

Words & Music by Paul Wilson

I’ve crossed my heart, but never hoped to die.
I’ve crossed borders and bridges,
And have seen rainbows cross the sky.
I’ve stood at the crossroads, and felt crosswinds blow.
You’ve crossed my mind,
From so very long ago.

Now I sit and watch life’s highs and lows
Where did the wishes we threw down the well go?
I’ll see you again my sweet, sweet friend,
We share the same soul, we can never end

Some bridges go over troubled waters,
Others just end up in Arizona
But the bridge between you and I
Will go on forever as it spans the sky

I’ll walk with you, and hold your hand ,again
We’ll sing in the park and pray in Pilgrims’ church, again
We’ll sit and talk with brother Dave,
And swim with the dolphins out in Biscayne Bay.

And I know the song we’ll sing
Across this land church bell will ring
All the flowers, the children will bring
And I’ll be with you again,
And I’ll be with you again

Jesus died on a cross to save my soul,
He made that sacrifice so very long ago
I’ve crossed this land north to south
East to west, but except for Jesus
Crossing your path’s been the best

I’ll see you again my sweet, sweet friend
We share the same soul, we can never end
I’ll see you again my sweet, sweet friend.


Written By: Paul Wilson

Brand New Road
©copyright pwmusic1 2008
I’m not sure where I’m goin’, but I’m getting’ there mighty fast.
I’m makin’ real good time, with no destination planned.
Nobody broke my heart. Nobody made me cry.
I ain’t runnin’ toward something,’ or leavin nothin’ behind.
I just wanna try out a Brand New Road,
Let it take me someplace I don’t really need to go.
I wanna walk under a different sky,
See as much of this land as I can before I die.
I never stood on Rocky Top, or seen the California coast.
Skied at Lake Tahoe, or talked or John Henry’s ghost.
Stood on a mountain, under the Montana sky.
And watched an eagle soaring by.
From Tucson Arizona to Bangor Maine,
Down south to Lake Okeechobee.
Up to Juno and the midnight sun.
Across this land I’ll travel and be free
On a Brand New Road stretchin’ out in front of me.
Never been to the canyon’s edge, or heard a grizzly growl.
Fished Lake Michigan, or hears a great northern howl.
I wanna go to Alabama, where the southern nights are warm.
Catchin’ fire flies, and singin’ on a front porch all night long.

I just wanna try out a Brand New Road
Yeah, I wanna try a Brand New Road



words and music by Paul Wilson
copyright pwmusic1 2003 revision 9/2010
It's a stay in bed kind of morning,
I'm feelin' so damned depressed.
Along with the pain of this heartache,
I'm filled with questions and regrets.
Who took the L out of lover,
And put it in front of only,
Now that it's over...
I'm as lonely as a girl can be..
I sleep walk past your memories,
I go through the motions of the day.
You made loving you so easy,
Was it that easy to throw it all away?
Who took the L out of lover,
And put it in front of only
Now that it's over...
I'm as lonely as a girl can be...
A river of pain runs through my heart,
It flows from all the tears I've cried.
You were my lover,I was your one and only,
Now I'm lost with this emptiness inside.
Who took the L out of lover,
And put it in front of only.
Now that it's over...
I'm as lonely as a girl can be...
You took the L out of lover,
And put it in front of only...


Written By: PAUL wILSON

All My Tomorrows Paul Wilson

If I could see for a thousand years,
or just look at tomorrow
It's you I want to see standin' there.
And if the world stops spinnin'
and we're stuck, stuck in time
It's you I want to spend forever with.

For there’s no tomorrow, no sun, or wind or rainbows
In a world without you by my side.
So if I'm sleepin', and this is just me dreamin',
Let me sleep til all my tomorrows go by.

We've both been wounded, so now we're wonderin'
What all our tomorrows hold in store.
Well, I'm no fortune teller, but when I look into your eyes
I see the future we’ve both been searchin' for.

So throw away your doubts, come and dance with me
And know I'll always be on your side
But if I'm sleepin', and this is me just dreamin'
Let me sleep til all my tomorrows go by.

Cause' if you're not in them with your smilin' eyes
There's no tomorrow worth waking for.
Each day's a new beginning in the story of our love
I want happy endings forever more.
All the gifts of passion and all the songs of love
Will be ours.

I know that I'm not sleepin'
You've made my dreams come true.
I'll spend all my tomorrows lovin' you.


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