Paul Wilson Songwriter
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Paul Wilson Songwriter

Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, United States | INDIE

Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Country Americana


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"A Songwriter"

I knew a young man who also had a gypsy spirit, full of curiosity , and wonder…. and a particularly excellent gift. The gift is a

rich & beautiful talent which allows his heart to be displayed in words & tunes … displayed through natural threads of words, words that are formed through sadness, through tears, through laughter, through smiles, through hard times, tough decisions & sweet chords of success and goodness. All the threads of heart & soul, love & hate, deep loyal friendships, and times & seasons of things he saw & knew, things that might have been, and things that were…and things that are. His heart seems to see the visions before his mind wraps around them. You never forget a spirit like this one, it teaches & it learns, it searches & it wanders. It finds, it questions, it tells, and it love the living. It tells the story of that life lived…shares the pain of the missing,however way that might be, the aging, the dying ,all pieces that come in seasons of living as just parts that belong to the whole of this journey that we share.

Through all of the times and all of the seasons ….gypsy summers and winter storms, lazy springs and lovely autumns, the storyteller prevails as strong as the waving wheat in the fields that later gives substance to so many , and grows yet again, to feed even more, and continues to give in strength & purpose. That storyteller, as amazing as glass from fire molds into beautiful objects that we love to see & touch, and can not understand the magic of the process , but treasure it nonetheless. It is my personal treasure to know that man, not so young now, more seasoned, and that spirit…more focused curiosity, and that talent…strong, and still amazing…MY blessing, and MY path to have crossed & be crossed by.

I know that’s a bit to say…it could have just said “it’s great, thanks so much for sharing…much success where you want it to be,” but that would have been too easy…and not enough …I know NOTHING NEEDS to be said at all, you already knew we would love it….but there is more than just loving the song with tears in our eyes, and mouths open with nothing vocalized :

there is loving the songwriter & the man.

- Donna Smith


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Hi, I'm Paul Wilson, Songwriter from sunny Ft. Lauderdale Fl. I have a great love for words and music and the Good Lord saw fit to give me the ability to put them together and make up a song now and again. I write alone and with some great other writers I've co written with Joanne Tramonte, Russ Reese, April Higuera,Dave Bechomn and Wes Austin.
The songs on this EPK are all professional demos done at Tom Manche's Studio X in Nashvile Tenn.
I've won a few songwriting competitions and have had songs played here in the states and all over the world. I have a song "Brand New Road" on a CD Music for the Troops VOL V and two songs "Who took the L" & 'Younger Days' on a Americana CD being dist. in Europe by Tri Strand Productions. I was picked as a staff writer for Ginger Creek Records and have two songs slated for recording with then "Gotta Find You" and "Stop the Rain" I truly do this for the love of the music and anything else that comes along is just an added reward. We all hope you will take the time to give our songs a listen and we hope you enjoy them.If you hear something you would like to record or put in your catalog we can talk.
Thank You,
God Bless the music makers.
Paul Wilson Songwriter