paul worrall

paul worrall

 Milford, New Hampshire, USA
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when im gone

Written By: paul worrall

Title: When I'm Gone
Words and Music by Paul Worrall

I jumped a train down in Mexico
Had no Money no real place to go
Well you learn real quick when your down on your luck
When knowone gives a damn or gives a F____!

So I held up a dealer
He had money to spare
Figured knowone would really care

When I'm gone
When I'm gone
When I'm gone

Now I'm a man on the run
And I'm under the gun
The whole cartel is after me
There's a price on my head
Dead or alive
Bring him in guilty
We'll skin him alive

Well I'm gone
Well I'm gone
Well I'm gone

Gotta find me a fast car
But nothing too hot
Don't want to turn heads
Make me easy to spot
Gonna lay down low in some cheap hotel
Let the dust settle
They can all go to hell

Maybe I'll hit Vegas
Lay it all down on Black
Or maybe I'll go home to New Orleans
And buy my self that cadillac.


Well back to reality
The dogs are on my tale
Pack my bags, get out of town
Try not to leave a trail

Well this suitcase full of money
Aint worth the price I paid
I'm constantly looking in shadows
To see it theres a bullet with my name

With my name
With my name
With my name