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The best kept secret in music


"Blues On Stage at: www.mnblues.comBlack & White and Blues All Over"

On this their third album, the band offers eight originals along with a version of Tom Waits "So Long I'll See You" and a funkified interpretation of Willie Dixon's "My Babe". Paul's gritty vocal delivery works as an additional musical element to the straight-ahead guitar/bass/drum three piece. It is especially evident on Wait's "So Long I'll See Ya" and a treat for fans of spoken lines blended into a story you're compelled to follow musically. Paul's edgy vocal on this track is a high point of the disc. "Blues in C" is the album's only instrumental and showcases Paul's virtuosity and depth of feeling on guitar. His ability to coax weepin' and moanin' sounds from his Strat are memorable as he weaves in and out of the solid rhythm of Zerrick's bass and John's drums.

This is a CD you want to take along on a road trip - something to keep you awake. Scorchin' guitar, thumpin' bass lines and a backbeat to drive home the message. Yessir, blues rock! On "Howlin' Wolf," Paul defiantly states, "I'm a Howlin Wolf, On a hot tin roof, Howlin' away, hear what I say, Don't come round here, Unless you've been where I've been, Well, I hear that sound and I'm gone again." Visit the band at, check out some of the music from "Black and White and Blue All Over" and add this for your collection! (Available online at

- Blues TR Marshall

"The Blues Site Review"

In today's field of blues we have a lot of styles to choose from. Lets say that you like your blues mellow and cool, then it's simple that Etta James is your fancy. For every expression there is a few listeners and for every listener there are a million noises in between. Picking and weeding through the many "artists" to suit your desire will cause agony and pain (surly when it comes to them middle of the road artists that really haven't found a style) unless your one of the few people like me that love it all. New artists Paul Zunno make his review easy. I will simply say that if you like your music hot and rockin' the Paul Zunno Band would fit the bill clearly.

This CD contains 10 tracks of hard rockin' blues. Though the bands expression includes slight dynamics they keep the tempo up (with exception of only a few minutes on the CD).

The rough loud vocals of Paul Zunno alone are not what keeps this band on the East Coast club circuit most nights of the week. Bass player Zerrick Foster (who met Paul while they both played for Wilson Picket) keeps the rhythm as if he was the foundation of what's actually happening. Though most bands have a great rock guitarist only a few have someone like Foster and John Digiulio (who's drums remain "in the pocket" through-out the complete session) to back them up.

Not discrediting anyone here I think this CD is a good CD. Though I'm used to a lot of rock CD's coming my way, this one stands out. Paul is an outstanding blues/rock n' roll guitarist that has a ton of edge. With the gritty vocals and distorted guitar they certainly have a sound of there own. It certainly wouldn't surprise me if I hear a lot about them in the future.

"Jim Santella Review"

Based in New York City, The Paul Zunno Band takes blues rock for a ride through today's comtemporary landscape. Backbeats and a gritty lead vocal deliver a 41-minute program that includes Willie Dixon's "My Babe", Tom Waits' "So Long I'll See Ya" and eight originals. Their "Blues in C", the session's lone instrumental number, features the leader's expressive guitar, weeping and moaning with vocal-like phrasing. With Zerrick Foster on electric bass, and John Diguilio at the drums, Zunno sings an eclectic program, borne from the blues and tempered by hard rock. His gritty voice and magic guitar provide a thrill on this their third album. With powerful backbeats and throbbing bass lines, the band excels. The high point of the album comes in the form of an original, "You Were Right/ I Was Wrong." Zunno's slow blues ballad would convince even the hardest heart. His fiery passion and the band's veteran enthusiasm enhance this contemporary album with a powerful spirit. - Southland BLUES

"Irish Bands Live! UK"

Zunno is one of those talented people who have the gift of being able to put deep thoughts into word and song, the only way to play Paul's album is to blast the hell out of your Hi-Fi and sod the neighbors. If you want to hear the true story of love and hate, this album has got it all. Its great to hear superb original lyrics and great new blues and rock sounds you haven't heard before. Both albums have 12 great original tracks that will impress any rock or blues enthusiast.

There is some great guitar work on these albums from Zunno and the back line.
Some absolutely superb rifts that will if you play make you
get your guitar out and join this session.
Well what can I say about the lyrics, this guy has a way with words.
Every track tells a story of love, hate and hope. If Paul could turn his hand to writing a book it would be a best seller. Luckily for us he has given us the chance to hear some of the best lyrics I've ever heard on a rock or blues album.

This guys music rocks with a new generation of rock and blues that will enthuse
new life in to the music scene, and will most certainly inspire new young musicians of the future.
Paul Zunno is currently playing lead guitar for rhythm and blues hall of fame member Wilson Pickett. He also appeared on the late show with David Letterman in support of Wilson Pickett's new album and has performed to thousands of fans throughout Europe and the United States. Lets hope that he will make it to the UK some time so we can get to let our hair down and rock to the great sound that is Paul Zunno

"Concerto Magazine, Germany (Translated)"

Again and again, New York is the offspring of excellent blues of different
styles. Without doubt, Paul Zunno and his men have dedicated themselves to
an electric-rock-like variant. But nevertheless, they play classical pieces
as for example from the post-war Chicago blues. The Latter manifests itself
on their album "Black & White and Blues all over" in a solid version
of Willie Dixons "My Babe". Besides his fluent performance on the strings,
Paul Zunno himself contributes extremely incisive, husky vocals, which
convince in particular when the beat becomes a little slower, such as in
the groovy blues ballad "I know you're here with me". In these moments a
small shot of soul is added; which does not surprise, considering that
Zunno as well as bassist Zerrick Foster once performed with Wilson
Picketts. With their song "Blues in C", the Paul Zunno Band confirms their
abilities on the instrumental level. The song "Howling wolf" on the other hand
is nearly a homage, although the text does not refer to Chester
Arthur Burnett. Especially outstanding is the slow, deeply bluesy version of
Tom Waits' "So long I'll see Ya". The band's hallmark is to leave the songs
enough space to develop. Very diverse!



They have released two CD's: "Black, White and Blues All Over" and "The Honey Bee". Their music can be purchased on itunes and cdbaby. Videos are available on their website.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Paul Zunno Band is one hell of a rocking blues band based out of New York City. Guitarist/vocalist Paul Zunno is joined by Zerrick Foster on bass/vocals and John DiGiulio on drums/vocals. Their outstanding live performances have made them a highly sought after act. Borne from blues and tempered by rock, with gritty vocals, magic guitar, powerful backbeats and throbbing bass lines the Paul Zunno Band packs a punch, and no doubt tears the house down live.

The Paul Zunno Band's most recent release is their first CD together - a rockin' blues triumph titled, "Black & White and Blues All Over". In the past two years, through touring alone, they have independently sold over 6,000 copies. They have been interviewed on numerous radio and television stations around the world where their music has received international airplay and most recently opened for Hubert Sumlin, guitarist for the late Howlin' Wolf.

Paul and Zerrick (Z) played together for the legendary Wilson Pickett ("In The Midnight Hour", "Mustang Sally"). They appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman in support of Wilson Pickett's last CD and toured with him throughout Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States. Zerrick and John Diguilio met while playing with the Shirelles, the Tokens and Gary U.S. Bonds. John also toured with Kenny Loggins for several years.

You can pick up "Black and White and Blues All Over" at: